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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hiya C

lols at this latest karma i received because i am partaking in your thread:

"11/10/2012 Take your shit and shove in right back up your arse you ignorant bitch"

it must have been meant to scare me off your thread

what a gracious astronomer we have in our midst here at GLP

hope you are doing well, my friend

so you are in both of the music vids you posted above?
 Quoting: Tauranga

WTHeck? That's about the worst I've ever seen, except when they get riled up about 911 which isn't just crass like yours but scary. On just such a thread I began a few years back on 911 I got pretty much some death threats, not even really veiled or couched in obscure wording. Yeah creepy scary, but the Mods dealt with it appropriately. No way to tell who gives you Karma, right? I'm sure the same who gave me like initially 5 or 6 one star ratings at my very get go to this thread. That's about all they can do, because they know they can't Win.

Yeah, doing Well, how about you? I actually started watching LOTRs again, and couldn't help but to think of you with your beautiful country. Oh wish that i could live in the Shire!

Speaking of which, I'm really impressed with little details in the Film. Peter jackson obviously knows his source Material well enough, even going beyond the written text but showing a profound understanding to its Spirit. Case in point: while Sam and Frodo set off from the Shire initially, there is a Scarecrow (which looks like a Cross right), and perched on its arms (1 on each=2) and head (1) are 3 Black Crows. Go Peter Jackson~!

I'm not in the Videos, but I was heavily involved in their Music back then in the day in Southern California. Ah, I gotsta share one more, because it also reminds me of not only an awesome concern by Michael Sweet at magic mtn there, but also a little tidbit I might have forgotten to share: that of the Devil or Satan. he's Red of course, as popularly depicted. And the Tweedledumminatties of course make careful distinction between him and Lucifer, which of course is the Bright Morning star (Saturn) that tried to become equal with the Main Sun (and for a time he shone brighter)...and this is why they worship him. Pentagram of the most significant parts are the three, two horns and 1 mouth...and also the devil horns sign they make with their hands. And just as Stryper sings about, to Hell with Him (and to tweedledummies who think they're so special having only the Real Knowledge while controlling the mass populaces' ignorant Rituals even at present. Big Whoop.)

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25480060

maybe you will make it nz one day? yep, our little country sure is beautiful, and we have a certain kind of freedom here still that is maybe not possible in more heavily populated countries (not to mention our wonderful veiw of the skies, and the mysteries they hold)

do you live in korea, or are you there for a short time?

did you produce the music for the bands in the vids you posted?

big hugs to you, brother xx
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