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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hiya C

sadly there is more often than not lots of cloud at night here, but i go outside to look as often as i can because it can come and go quickly, at which times, one can get glimpses of the moon and stars and things

i love the clear nights, and spend a lot of time admiring the heavens when it is clear

atm i can see the moon, with a pretty pink glow tonight,
it is not quite smiling or horizontal but somewhere inbetween

and wow did we have super red skies tonight as it got dark, very spectacular to see, so unreal, so red

the milky way, when visible is a glorious sight to behold and looks so very close these days...but it is quite a while since i could see it clearly enough to make out all the stars, maybe tonight i may get lucky in this respect

yep, i agree it is going to be a very interesting christmas to say the least...

i understand your reasons regarding the music, my dear brother xxx
 Quoting: Tauranga

Beautiful, but red did you say? I'm not sure the last time if ever I saw a night sky that was red. I think others have also dreamt of a red sky, and so have I. But not since I was a kid, but there was a Great War on the distance, far beyond my horizon, but thing were coming down from the sky, either spaceships or military planes I can't say which, in conjunction with a most accurate timer, a countdown timer!--all the while the sky and all my view got Redder and Redder.

Now this is when I was a kid, and I think we have some of our Best dreams as kids, when we are still closer to our source of Origin.

And you're right on the money about Xmas. We want our Doom, but please not until after Xmas!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28058149

oh my, you would love our spectacular red and pink skies

they seem to be the norm now, although the intensity can vary from month to month, but tonight the red was so deep and exquisite, i wish you had been here to enjoy it with us

its kind of like the whole lower half of the sky is red, (or sometimes peach/pink) ie a wide band of the red colour, with the usual 'misty' blue haze above it, real pretty effect, its unreal to behold

it isnt just in the west, where the sun has set, but its in all directions if you know what i mean

the clouds are a bright and dark irredescent orange/peach colour, right until it gets dark

our sunrises have the same red/pink glow to them

wow, you dreamed about this when you were young, how very cool
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