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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More Information on EU. Because whatever one thinks is coming in any cycle, it kind of relates to the Electric Universe. Note, I see positive only, so perhaps peace, love, good will to others, and even making goals, long term business ideas for yourself and family. Now is time to see future, not endings, and perhaps higher level science and world than this with more accountability, and equality and opportunities for everyone.

[link to www.2012spiritual.info]

Biological electricity

Electric fields may shape tissue.
Electric fish: over 300 species of fish and eels that can generate electric fields.
The Duck-billed platypus bill detects weak electric fields generated from the minute electrical signals passing between nerves and muscles in the tail of prey such as shrimp.
Neurons fire electrochemical signals.
Rattlesnakes generate 75-100 volts when shaken! The electrostatics may be used to sense their environment.

This info, and then the kirlian hand, showing the electrical field, its seems we're electrical ourselves.

Everything is plasmaology.

[link to www.electricuniverse.info]

Mars has a lot of signs of Electrical Scarring.

The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars -- Part One
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Yes! The scarring of Mars I also made reference to in my Planetary Conjectural history on one of the pages back.

You know what I also saw in my camping in the woods here in Korea? A dragon fly with bioluminescent eyes! Not just one either, so that my eyes were deceiving me! And thank you again for the other information of the animals...I had no idea yet again. Wonderful.
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