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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Not bad, I think I'm getting you to expand your writing skills..

I'll accept that you already knew. Why it's elementary after all, My Dear Weasel, that you are only a side-line critic (a "censorious" Caesar?), who so easily does his job. I'm at least sincere (sun-cered like Icirus) in my intentions. But nope, not gonna throw any more bittids your way, just so you can insert your favorite word in there "evidence". But then again I might change my mind, especially if someone else would be interested in clarification. I guess it IS the whole picture I'm trying to Paint, because the world-view given to us by THEM is just so astonishingly wrong! Argh..

Howsbout just 1? What creates a dual polarity like a magnet in a metal? This is basic physics class of course.

Fail to answer, and that'll be my only response to you from now on.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27882130

Of course I know what makes a magnet work but first a question for you. Why?
You admit to trying to set a trap and then expect me to still answer your questions? Why should I? Why should I ever answer a question of yours after that admission? Why should I answer anything of yours when you have failed to answer questions yourself? Why should I answer when it is clear you just want to tell me how wrong I am and/or how THEY have lied to us so much? Why should I answer anything when it appears that you are still trying to set a transparent trap? Why are you so afraid to just get around to saying what you so obviously want to say? Just save everyone the trouble and finally get to it. Put up or shut up. You've been somewhat entertaining thus far but this game playing of your is somewhat tedious don't you think?

But hey, since this is obvously a game to you (and I doubt you'll actually answer the questions above, why start now right?), I'll play along. A magnetic field is produced by moving electric charges. There you go. Surprise me. Show me you are something other than a game player.
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

Weasel! Oh Weasel hahaha! Your answer has surprised even the likes of me to no end! Better than I even imagined that you would go there! Let me see if I can put this in its proper light.

First you did indeed answer correctly, but not without fuming so hotly at the head! I can sympathize, because I put you indeed in a quandary.

Let's RECAP this, so no one misses it.

The basic question is:


You (like MEOW MEOW) didn't want to respond directly, so I gave you this instead:

What creates a dual polarity like a magnet in a metal?

And you replied:

A magnetic field is produced by moving electric charges.

Which is Accurate!

So then our Magnetosphere is produced by an electric current!


Yes, the Sun is electric, and supplies our Earth's inner iron core with the necessary electricity so that we have its magnetic protection in our aptly-named magnetosphere.

See how easy that was??

No, I'm not more than a Player to You, and when I set my mind to it, to someone who needs it, I always win, just like I just won with you...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28058149

You won? Hardly! No, you had a leap of logic. Having a magnetic field does not mean that the Sun supplies the Earth with electricity. You skipped a few steps there. But I knew you would do that. And I knew you would again refuse to answer questions. You're extremely transparent that way. Thank you for proving this is all just a game to you. I'll still be here on the 22nd of December for you to admit you were wrong. But I'm betting you'll just disappear instead. Keep up the humor!
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine

The sun is the main supplier of our electricity. She spins on overunity due to her poles and iron core, a perfect free energy generator.
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