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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After the first few posts I skipped to the end to say this;

The moon is where it should be, when it should. How do I know?? BECAUSE I LOOK!!!!! All the time!!!!


There are plenty of other things going wrong without focussing on .......

 Quoting: my name is 905

I hope you can some future time enjoy the entire thread, so that your Flag actually might mean something!

Here's the recap if nothing else so you can hopefully quickly see in your attention-deficit ways that there is something more here that we Should pay Heed too!

*Thread title stands: we are going to the plane of the galactic, and of course it's not so much that it

tilts that the Earth does, and our viewpoint of such testifies to this, under of course those certain

conditions that would precipitate such tiltage, to wit, more magnetic push.

*Only the Earth tilts because it is made of Iron, and the moon doesn't follow suit because it is not.

*The movement and appearance of the moon through our sky doesn't change because of FR (field rotation) but

only when the person on the Earth goes from North to South or South to North (e.g. traveling to Australia

from Canada or vice versa).

*Normal obvservational tilt has always and forever shall be (until EOY IMO) Libration, and that covering a

span of the month, so as to not be observable to the naked eye.

*The size of the Moon (being the same visible in the sky as the sun) is accounted for by the many Lunar

and Solar eclipses in its history.

*Our Moon might have once been a satellite of Saturn.

*Likewise, the surface of the Moon has been so baked down to almost a glass crust, no Flag could've been

stood on the Moon, nor any foot or vehicle prints left.

*Probability of the moon shattering eventually is High, having become a very brittle shell, and having no

intrinsic dependable structural integrity of its own--ie no FE core.

*Our atmosphere has shrunk, adding to the brightness of the Moon (from an already bright sun).

*The Annular eclipses of the moon are a new phenomenon, with the moon receiving a more eliptical orbit,

not to mention the Sun getting bigger.

*A full moon has more low vibratory frequencies in response to the sun's light, giving a negative effect on the human body and psyche, leading to increased statistical crime.

Bark at the Moon!
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27374412

Thanks for the synopsis, much appreciated. Thread title was a bit misleading as I am an avid moon-watcher, mostly due to your last paragraph referring to the full moon's negative effect on the psyche.

My wife is hyper sensitive to this and goes through near Jeckyll-Hyde phases, mostly just before full and to a lesser extent around the new moon.

Hence the reason that I carefully track moon phase and position, as well as distance (perigee and apogee) as this also has an influence. I can (and have) predicted these severe mood swings a year in advance with about 95% accuracy to the day.

Pending a full reading of the thread, I hereby provisionally...

 Quoting: my name is 905

Wow, much obliged and so many more thanks for your account!

Here's the bit on the Full Moon:

So you all are familiar with how there's the very real superstition that when the Moon is Full, that human behavior changes to the worst...worst case scenario that we change completely into our animalistic barbaric sides and through the great lyncathropy (where they name them Lycans in the movies like Underworld) change into werewolves and go ape-bat-shit crazy, to render too many mixed metaphors together.

Anyway, that human behavior digresses into amorality if not immorality is statistically verified by police blotters and statistical records. I used to once think that it's only because the extra illumination during a full moon gives rise to better opportunity to do evil. But now I think differently, and besides: isn't criminal activity best done under the concealment of Darkness?

But before I get into my new revelation about the matter, we have to make sure that we all have the proper foundation, or this won't make sense to anybody, having your mind filled with contrary assumptions and presuppositions taught into your head since earliest schooling at such a level.

I'm talking about Light and its Wavelength first. They try and make us believe that light is COMPOSED of various wavelengths, when this is not at all accurate. To think that white light has within itself all those other colorful wavelengths I find just downright silly. Like putting up a prism and just watch all those wavelengths come out from one wavelength of white light!

No, light is not a constant. Only in a vacuum, and there is no vacuum anywhere in the Universe, because the universe doesn't like vacuums, and will instantly try and fill the space as quickly as possible, as any good science experiment in our school days will attest to.

When light bounces off an object, it slows down, and depending on how much it slows down, is the color that we see. Red travels slower than blue, for instance. This analogy isn't entirely accurate since it assumes only a 2D wavelength, but will suffice for now: take a rope and sling it up and down, hard then soft. You'll see what i'm talking about, about it's fastness and therefore its energy, beyond just the frequency.

Now I hope you're with me so far, the next part is this: light when it hits something just doesn't bounce off without effecting the object in some way, as if its this magical thing. Shoot even THEY talk about Black Holes, and how light can't escape it, so then it has to be composed of SOMETHING! If nothing, light still has an inertia, and so will lose some of that energy when it hits something. Obviously, since it bounces back at a different energy or speed.

So then (tracking?) when the light from our sun hits the Moon, and the moon being just about hollow for all intents and purposes, there is created a resonance, a low reverberation, that gets reflected and directed back to Earth. This lower vibration affects the human body. And when the moon is Full, that means more said vibration!

Now if anybody thinks I'm crazy, i'm sorry but I verified that Light causes a resonance back when I was just a child, about 12 years old. I took my parents' camera with the old-fashioned flash bulbs, and flashed it up to my drum set's cymbal...and you can imagine my surprise when I heard it Ring!

And so this also means that the One, all Seeing Eye that they love to remind us all everywhere with like on the Dollar or music videos or movies, is in Fact THE MOON! Looks like an eye doesn't it? And it's always on us, slowly blinking. What's on the dollar bill but that little pyramid at the top, just like the little Pyramid of the Egyptians (remember the other two bigger ones being Saturn and the Sun).

I probably could've written this better, but I'll let stand as is, since it's getting late here in Korea, no energy for proofing, and must really go to sleep now.
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