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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well I give gratitude to the Family that watches over, interacts and wakes us up.

I refused to give into any 2012 hype, consider it mostly elite plans. But, the energies are incoming and they do wake people up.

But I've been setting many goals to try attain with my children, businesses, and now there are other teens and youths, eating us out of house and home, seems the governments don't do a good job with teens in their care, and not much for eduation, job opportunities, if they're not going to be finishing grade 12, and only got pushed into stints in mcdonalds and dairyqueen. So I have quite a crew here, its like a drop in center.

The minute I started envisioning the business goals again, that take time, that means time would be given, not ending but continuing, and a kind of eco farm with training and skills being taught to youths, teens and young adults that are falling through their cracks by design, they're thwarting the economy by design, creating black market by designs. And it takes land, shelter, farming, and part time education, sciences and math, engineering skills, electrical, mechanics, etc. So have some strong goals.

Once I had the future goals, then something else was shown. It could be a SHFT, but there's that saying, build it and they will come, or even, hit on the right goals and an inflood of information arrives.

If we do get a shift like what I was shown, then a lot of youths and those currently needing instructions will be in a kind of upgraded school, learning real skills to help.

If not, then we need to act as if we're attaining that goal of upgrade nonetheless.

So if the SHFT doesnt happen, we need to become the SHFT.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Your brilliant mind comes through in all Facets of your life, and I hope it Eats up people like Weasel that has such a simple mind, if I'm to be entertaining my devilish side again for just a moment..

I think the Elites have done a good job casting the 2012 hype as being believed by only a bunch of crazies, running in the Woods or Standing with their makeshift signs on street corners, with every failed prediction in the past not occurring. There's just a total fiscal disregard for everything, when it comes to our share, but not theirs and all the things they have bled us dry for, like their DUMBs or Denver Airport tarp which can withstand not just thousands of degrees F but C!

I hope you receive everything you so rightfully deserve. And each must make their own decision. Mine, I'm looking ahead beyond this Earth to a new Reality. But I just might be surprised yet, the Creator is just full of surprises!
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