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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: ASSTURDBUTT. 27779442

"ASSTURDBUTT?" Wow, I see the dickheads are still obsessed with me. Amazing.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Yes I thought of you too there. BTW what happened to you? I missed a lot on GLP recently. Anticipating that you'll turn foe soon enough, gotsta know my enemy rightfully!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27374412

What happened to me is I had my life threatened over horseshit like this.
Thread: It's not worth the death threats...
As much as I enjoyed debunking, it's not worth death threats, even if they're probably hollow threats. It's not worth any amount of risk to my life, however small, just to keep complete dipshits from panicking or spreading horseshit they should have been intelligent enough to see through themselves.

So go ahead, spew as much complete bullshit about the moon as you want Korea. It doesn't matter that I saw the moon's orientation was perfectly normal and vertical last night from a polar aligned perspective whilst it was horizontal by eye, it doesn't matter than my telescope running permanently encoded software that's over 10 years old had no problem pinpointing the moon's location on its own, you can spread as much drivel as you want and I will not lift a finger to stop you. I'm done, you and your insane friends are not worth the risk, however small.

I'm not leaving GLP, I may even do an astronomy webcast from time to time (would have done one on Saturday night but the weather was bad, last night was reserved exclusively for my enjoyment), but I will not be debunking anything during them. I don't even care if you come on there and claim the moon's wrong, I won't stop you if you do.

It's interesting to me that even though I'm not debunking anymore, assholes like the one above are still obsessed with me and post about me multiple times. Guess they're still butthurt about all the times I disproved them, otherwise they wouldn't do that... I haven't given them any reason to in nearly 2 months.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Well I'm certainly sorry that you had that happen to you. Even though I've considered you a mouthpiece of all that is still evil in the World in the past, even if this is accurate, you are still not our Enemy ultimately, and there's no Need to take the Creator's matters into our own hands, since He has a system in place already nicely that will take care of everybody.

I see you too miss the point of the Thread, for it matters not that things are USUALLY normal. It's not to that this thread speaks of. Like I had to explain over and over again to certain individuals.

So did you come back to post just because of this Thread? If that's so, why, I feel most honored! But alas my sincere praise of you doesn't last, because just as others have done, you have now done the worst and call my Thoughts Bullshit! I didn't let it go from Karlos who was the first who tried to go against me, and we see in what pitiful condition I left her. So if you decide to come out from your Retirement on this here, I also won't forget your word either.

But in any case, good to Talk to you again. Yes, we talked extensively in the Past on other threads, although you may not have known it. I'll have to look out for your broadcasts, but I certainly won't put a label on any of your work with the same insults as you did just now mine, since I'm the better man! Ta!
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