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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, as you probably know, that behaviour of the moon is not comtemplated at all (look at the books for example, you'll never find it obviously).

Now the shills are calling that field rotation BS to justify it.

Well maybe they are partially right because on the equator zones only, the moon can really looks a bit tilted, but hey, NOT 90 degrees for sure. And now that actually happens on the nothern hemisphere, SO that huge field rotation (if it is) is bacause of Eart's wobble.
 Quoting: DUCM900

What? What's this, I'm in love with what? a Bike? Oh yeah baby!

Just like Long John Silver and Ahab, they don't have a measly leg to stand on. Just read through my thread.

NOBODY HAS DEBUNKED MY CLAIMS. NOBODY. And this is even after doing all their best, esp when it was Pinned.

Field rotation has now been laid to Rest. RIP. And yes you are right, only the equatorial zones only, but not like what has been witnessed--You my friend are...wait for it...

are the Man.
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