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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27936953

Thanks. I guess we'll let Mehico Man have his 5 Minutes of Fame, even if they rest on my thread and others that Come too close to the Truth.

Remember that 2001 a Space Oddity (intended error) from Good Man Stanley Kubrick was first to have the origins of our Advancement come from Saturn, but the special effects were too much, as would it have been to produce the real obelisk that he wanted. I've been trying to search for a source that tells us what exact form he originally envisioned on it, but have et to find that piece of information. If someone knows it for sure, please share!

My conjecture is that instead of the rectangular black slab, it would've been 2 triangular forms, kind of like the Jewish symbol, but higher and lower so that they form the third little pyramid. Just like that trick when you hold two of your fingers close together to your eyes, and a third finger hovers before your eyes. No supporting evidence for this, just another hunch. As it it, he settled for the base of two pyramids (squares), which of course can be further subdivided into two additional triangles. I hope this makes sense.

So back then when the planet Saturn were prominent in our Sky, did we have better advancement as a Species or No? I think we did, because no where really did we suffer night, and we needed the additional light so as to make our temperature variations less, from lack of additional water on our planet to so regulate the temperature. But they probably still did hold us in their bounds back then, with their special knowledge I suspect. And now that the only remnant that remains is the Moon keeping us back, this too shall soon be removed, when the water gets converted back into atmosphere, the illuminati's last vestigial remnant and hold upon us removed to wit, the said Destruction of the Moon, to usher us back into an Age where we have full control of our Destiny, without a worry about the selfish evil minded.
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