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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Updated Recapitulation:

*Thread title stands: we are going to the plane of the galactic, and of course it's not so much that it

tilts that the Earth does, and our viewpoint of such testifies to this, under of course those certain

conditions that would precipitate such tiltage, to wit, more magnetic push.

*Only the Earth tilts because it is made of Iron, and the moon doesn't follow suit because it is not.

*The movement and appearance of the moon through our sky doesn't change because of FR (field rotation) but

only when the person on the Earth goes from North to South or South to North (e.g. traveling to Australia

from Canada or vice versa).

*Normal obvservational tilt has always and forever shall be (until EOY IMO) Libration, and that covering a

span of the month, so as to not be observable to the naked eye.

*The size of the Moon (being the same visible in the sky as the sun) is accounted for by the many Lunar

and Solar eclipses in its history.

*Our Moon might have once been a satellite of Saturn.

*Likewise, the surface of the Moon has been so baked down to almost a glass crust, no Flag could've been

stood on the Moon, nor any foot or vehicle prints left.

*Probability of the moon shattering eventually is High, having become a very brittle shell, and having no

intrinsic dependable structural integrity of its own--ie no FE core.

*Our atmosphere has shrunk, adding to the brightness of the Moon (from an already bright sun).

*The Annular eclipses of the moon are a new phenomenon, with the moon receiving a more eliptical orbit,

not to mention the Sun getting bigger.

*A full moon has more low vibratory frequencies in response to the sun's light, giving a negative effect on the human body and psyche, leading to increased statistical crime.

*During a Solar Eclipse therefore, the Moon being so blanketed by the surrounding light of the sun, a blistering array of low-level energies come ever forth, and give us even more Earthquakes on Terra Firma.

* The Squatting man will show himself soon between the Earth and the Moon.

* The Destroyed Moon will commensurate upon the 21st of December, being the last will and testament of our supposed Lords and Masters of the End, to give us an Everlasting Rest for the Golden Age of Prominence to Be.

And, If there being anyone so of a Desire, I can also provide a Recap of the other Theme of this thread, that being of the Number 3, if there is any interest.
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