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Message Subject The moon's crookedness is caused by our going toward the center of the galactic plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When dec 21 comes and goes with not even a whisper of doom, what will you doom tards do then?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7089700

I've answered this Question I think more than any other, from my little past friend vinWeasel.

The short of it is that I wouldn't Stake Everything that I have on it HAPPENING if I wasn't near 100% convinced so that it wouldn't occur!

Put more simply, We Believe it WILL happen! Near certainty that!

If it doesn't, however? There's not much chance of that. But hypothetically speaking, as I've already said:

I'll EAT MY HAT! Complete with Video, seasoned only with some drops of Tabasco sauce. The rest of the sauce I might just keep dashing into one of my Eyes, so that it goes Blind, and I become like one of the tweedledumminatties' future pawns, or at least show some symptoms of our good young Kirk:

[link to img2.timeinc.net]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27374412

To Korea AC,
Where's the video?
 Quoting: Weasel_Turbine


Okay so I'll now revert to your own form a few pages back when you threw a temper-tantrum. Now it's MY turn.

I was first in total shock, and then complete and utter anger for having been duped. And you'd have gotten an earful if I had written you right when I was in full anger mode!

Now I'm just happy that life continues on. But I have some things to say.

First, there can be no doubt that something is surely amiss, and not with my/our fundamental belief in the end of the long mayan count of their calendar. Notice that all the threads (that I saw anyway) about 21 Dec 12 had all the shillaries and hillaries on their saying "Are you going to apologize when the date comes and goes and we're still here?" or to like effect.

They flippin seemed to know (or at least were told to say that by those who DID know) that the 21st which has come and gone was not the real end date of the long calendar count by the mayans or hopi etc. Of this I'm sure.

Now it might seem like I'm just being a poor sport, and yes I'll have to admit on this point I was wrong and (grumble grumble) THEY were right. But I only see this as a slight setback, not that I've lost in the end!

Still, I suppose I owe a video of my eating a hat, but give me still a little more time and I'll have your blasted video, since it obviously means so much to VinWeasel on this thread to produce such, just like on other threads to rub it in that they also were wrong.

Geez, does it really take a bit of brains to figure out that they supplied us with an inaccurate date, so that this last but biggest failure of them all will cast doubt on all the significant earth changes so that no one will ever take another date seriously? It doesn't seem to me such a stretch of the imagination anyway.
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