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Message Subject B R E A K I N G ---> BBC Film Crew Arrested At Gunpoint For Sneaking Into Top-Secret ‘UFO’ Base
Poster Handle citizenperth
Post Content
(english WWII accents)

"Here we are!.. on our way into the TOP SECRET MILITARY BASE!.. myself, Hugo, and Gutrude behind us are about to pass the first barrier... do BEWARE!.. from what we have scientifically researched from annals in the library of Peakston, we expect a rather rude and obtuse reception if we are to be discovered.... TALLYHO!.... (muffled mike scraping and the panting of breath and gumboots) <whisper> " here we find ourselves in a large rectangular courtyard, flanked by what seems frangipanies and nut-fruit, all of a blossom that cannot been seen this time of year in Croydon" .... "nonetheless we move forth to what would appear to be an old dilapidated store house"... < more muffled movement>... "as we suspect we have found an eerily buzzing fence with a sign saying "do not touch- high voltage".... PPPPPPPPPPPPPTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.............

thankyou BBC...... riveting as usual.......
 Quoting: citizenperth

I must say......you tell an amazing tale. eyebat
 Quoting: HyruleRupee

wow, someone read it ;)
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