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Message Subject 62 ounces of physical gold -- an Audi A6 -- and a fine Latina on my King Sized Memory Foam=
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You answer "yes" as well, I see.

What makes you look at your life and hate me the most? The physical gold? Audi? The fine woman? The mattress?

My 435 lb bench press?

Or all of the above?

Be honest...please
 Quoting: OP 25361894

435 lb? WEAK!
 Quoting: Capt. Ivan Danko

At a bodyweight of 196 lbs, and 6% bf?

Yes, I'm also 6'2".

Don't hate, boy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25361894

Why would I hate on such a pathetic bench? LOL
 Quoting: Capt. Ivan Danko

My 3 rep max of 435 lb is more than twice yours, puss.

My 32 rep max of 225 lbs would OWN most NFL players.

Of course my 6% bodyfat makes my abs pop and striations play cords like Jimmy on a guitar.

You or course, have trouble lifting my jockstrap when I need you damn laundry boys to whiten my whites!

what's up with that???
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