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Message Subject 62 ounces of physical gold -- an Audi A6 -- and a fine Latina on my King Sized Memory Foam=
Poster Handle Capt. Ivan Danko
Post Content

435 lb? WEAK!
 Quoting: Capt. Ivan Danko

At a bodyweight of 196 lbs, and 6% bf?

Yes, I'm also 6'2".

Don't hate, boy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25361894

Why would I hate on such a pathetic bench? LOL
 Quoting: Capt. Ivan Danko

My 3 rep max of 435 lb is more than twice yours, puss.

My 32 rep max of 225 lbs would OWN most NFL players.

Of course my 6% bodyfat makes my abs pop and striations play cords like Jimmy on a guitar.

You or course, have trouble lifting my jockstrap when I need you damn laundry boys to whiten my whites!

what's up with that???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25361894

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