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Message Subject 62 ounces of physical gold -- an Audi A6 -- and a fine Latina on my King Sized Memory Foam=
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This threads super shit.

I got about,awww...$ 60,000,000 in industrial,dockland and commercial property.
I share in about 3M in rental returns by three.

I live in a one bed apartment above a supermarket.
I drive shitheap cars,eat vegan,am celibate and straight on all counts.

I sleep wherever I need to...ill sleep in meetings,or at a Death Metal gig,heh.

Audi A4...the euro taxi,lol.

I had a Diablo...and it was shit...i like Landcruisers.
When you ARE the last in line of old money,its useless.

Real wealths in the guts and heart,not pocket.
Never keep your money in your mind son.
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