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Stop the United States government; give the people power

User ID: 15084830
United States
10/11/2012 08:12 AM
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Stop the United States government; give the people power
The people of the United States need to stand up for themselves and for their children and stop this crazed government. Leaders are crooked and only want money and power, we all know it. How terrible is it that during the past several election cycles that people feel they can't stand the candidates and feel they have to vote for a lesser evil? Why is it that all parties will "fix" the deficit and yet our national debt only grows? The people, whether poor, middle class, or the "1%ers" all have an equal right to stand up for themselves and stop the government. Bring our troops home. Stop sending money we don't have to other nations who don't appreciate it. Fix our national infrastructure (count the potholes in your road on the way to work). Drop the tax rates, it can be done, put all elected officials on minimum wage and they pay their own medical bills. Once their term is over, their pay STOPS. Only pay taxes on the products you buy that you use, no more income, employment, insurance, life, death, inheritance taxes... People KEEP WHAT THEY MAKE. Why should the money I bust my ass for, go to someone too lazy to work? Help me out, let's stop this out of control government.