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How do you Explain so much gas in theater 8, Aurora, Colorado?

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United States
10/11/2012 08:27 AM
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How do you Explain so much gas in theater 8, Aurora, Colorado?
I apologize for not doing more reading here to see if anyone has answered this in any other thread but I wrote a new article after reviewing testimony from theater 8 witnesses in the Colorado Batman shooting and it seems there is far too much gas in theater 8 to have come from theater 9. The ONLY thing I don't entirely know about is this shared balcony between 8 and 9. Was this an open balcony such that a smoke grenade of some kind at the back of the theater would immediately leak over into 8? It doesn't makes sense to me that during a movie there would be an open space between two theaters for sound to leak through into the other theater but I can't find a floor plan or pictures that clearly explain the shared balcony. For what it's worth, where is what I wrote at www.thedevilsadvocates.info BUT, there are a lot of video embeds so I don't know if it will post here nicely.


Maybe we need to re-evaluate this James Holmes character after all? Is he really just a crazed lone gunman that shot many innocent people in theater 9 in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th, 2012 or is he actually some sort of a magician, capable of throwing solid objects through solid walls into the theater next to him as eye witnesses claim?

Ok, so this article is just a LITTLE bit tongue in cheek, but hopefully I have your attention. Today I was looking through various eye witness testimony again and I found myself focusing this time on the witnesses in the theater adjacent to theater 9 where the shooting allegedly took place.

As one woman describes in this audio clip, she was in theater 8 NEXT to where the shooting took place when they heard these “really loud pops”. Note, “REALLY LOUD POPS,” not like muffled pops or anything like one might expect POSSIBLY hearing through the theater next to you. She continues “…then it started to get really smokey in our theater and started to smell…” Whoa! That’s some gas James Holmes must have thrown. Not only could the popping sounds of the gas canisters going off be heard through the wall between the theaters but even the smoke and smell of the smoke went right through the wall. AMAZING! But just so we are clear here that this woman is NOT in the theater with James Holmes, she also says, “and my friends brother who was in the theater next to us, theater 9, uh called her and was like you guys need to get out because there’s a gunman in here.” So think about this for a second. This woman is CLEARLY in theater 8 and says the gunman is in the NEXT theater beside them yet they hear gas canisters in their theater and it fills up with the sight and smell of smoke. Again, James Holmes must have some magical powers!

[See video in original post [link to www.thedevilsadvocates.info]

But even more amazing is not only does this girl hear, see and smell the gas in her theater but yet ANOTHER, Meghan Walton, actually FEELS the heat of gas on her leg in theater 8, presumably right through the walls if the official story is true! AMAZING!!!!

[See Video in original post]

This young man also admits that two of the pops were extremely loud, “EAR PIERCING” and then smoke started filling up in theater 8, next to the theater where the shooting was taking place. He also reports that someone yelled for them not to go into the lobby because “they say he’s got a gun.”

[See video in original post]

And then this young witness from theater 8 which tears up emotionally as he recalls being in theater 8 when he heard extremely loud noises and his theater starts to fill up with smoke from behind him.

[See video in original post]

Rachel Fedeli, another eye witness from inside theater 8 had this telling thing to say “We had no idea at all that there was anything happening in theater 9. We thought it was just in our theater. No one knew that it was coming from…there was something else happening in the theater next to us and even when we had gotten outside where the police were people were still unsure…people were saying that it could have been fireworks…little popper things…or it could have been a gun. No one knew and even like when we were leaving we still weren’t like..no one knew that there was a shooting going on in theater 9.” Wow, so according to this witness there were multiple people in theater 8 who thought everything that was happening was happening only in theater 8 and were surprised to find out there was something like it happening in theater 9 as well? How did James do that?

[See video in original post]

See also this audio clip [link to www.youtube.com]

And then this theater 8 witness had this shocking witness to tell, “As we were leaving we heard the police saying back and forth across the radios and just the general chatter that they had him cornered in theater 9 and that there might be a second shooter that they didn’t know…” Let’s pause for a second to digress here and point out how much THIS statement contradictions the official reports. In this witness account, the police are saying that they have the shooter cornered in theater 9. That’s a HUGE problem considering one official report is that they found James Holmes sitting in his car outside the theater and a different official report is that police saw him exiting the theater. So if either one of those stories are true, how would police have him CORNERED in the theater 9? And then of course there’s the little part about him admitting the police thought there might be a second shooter even though Dan Oates, the Chief of Police clearly told us there was no evidence of any additional shooters.

[See video in original post]

And also this theater 8 witness where the reporter interviewing him admits that they were at this time still looking for a second gunman [link to www.youtube.com]

But most telling of all is this audio where police scanner audio reports witnesses are reporting a second shooter in theater 8 who was seated. He says in the clip below: “..I don’t know if this information has already been put out but talking to people who have been giving statements it sounds like we have possibly TWO shooters, one that was in theater 8, SEATED, and another one that came in from the outside into theater 9 so it sounds like it was a coordinated attack.”

[See video in original post]

And additionally here is some telling evidence from a newscast on television well after the shooting. Note that the anchors report that the shooter is in custody and that the police are still looking for a second shooter.

[See video in original post]

It’s really a shame the police didn’t inform their Chief of Police that they were looking for another shooter before we went on tv and said there was no evidence of any additional shooters! Poor guy! They really made their boss look bad!

[NOTE: Apparently theater 8 and 9 shared a balcony of some kind and I have yet to examine the layout of the balcony. While it is POSSIBLE this shared balcony could account for smoke from theater 9 to reach theater 8, the eye witness reports make that seem highly implausible. That would have to be one hell of a throw from the front of the theater and the gas would have to spread extremely fast to account for all the witness testimony. I only mention it here because I suspect this will HAVE to be the official explanation for gas in theater 8 if there ever is an official statement made.]

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United States
11/01/2012 01:36 PM
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Re: How do you Explain so much gas in theater 8, Aurora, Colorado?
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