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Message Subject Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcing END of US rule- formal re-instatement of Hawaiian Nation
Poster Handle LD50
Post Content
OP....do you live in Hawaii??? You really think that they live in a tribal community??? Did you know there are only 2% full blooded hawaiians left, and they mostly live on the outlying islands? Have you ever visited the westside of Oahu? Until you can say yes to all of the above your point has zero merit. Fight your own battles, I'm sure your wasting your time with this one.
 Quoting: MokesAreJokes 20729199

Obviously, I live in AZ. Do you live in HI?

I am not interested in a battle or really even a discussion of what is best for people anywhere other than my home. So, I apologize for engaging you. I am, however, interested in knowing if this is truth. That simple. And, I got my answer. Best of luck to you in your quest for battles.

BTW, what are your thoughts about the Lakota Nation succeeding from the U.S.? Will the "commies" come and take their paradise as well?
 Quoting: LD50

You'll find your answers in my posts. Why did you post this if you are not interested in a discussion about anywhere other than your home?
 Quoting: MokesAreJokes 20729199

And you will find your answer in my posts but I will expand on it. The short answer is I am interested in knowing if it is fact. But I will add that I am not interested with debating with any online ID or anyone I do not actually know (pretty sure you fall into those categories so...) about what is best for anyone. Online arguments w/strangers is SO FACEBOOK. Once I know if something is fact, I may have conversations with actual people about opinions on the matter. Not interested in having those discussions with IDs that will pick apart everything I say and attack me for simply fact finding. Thanks for playing. I hope you have a better day.
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