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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This definitely is the most important news these days. And no one is talking about it. Crazy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24334891

Yes, it's very serious! I've been driving myself crazy, stressing over finding work, worrying and stressing over money. Well, earlier today, a thought came from nowhere.....is any of it even going to matter soon?

This is 2012...the year of doom predicted for thousands of years......we are just barely 2 months from Dec 21, 2012?
Now, I can't say that the Mayans, Nostradamus, the Bible, the Hopi, Edgar Caycee or the thousands of other "prophets", civilations, etc were right. BUT, I do know that there is some serious shit happening on Earth and in space. How long can we last? How much longer are we going to keep getting lucky?

Eventually, shit WILL hit the fan! I just hope it can hold off for a while longer. Many think they're prepared for anything.....I think WE ALL have no idea what's ahead.
 Quoting: Nika

Story of my Life....No job 21 at home no money no education cause school was bullshit (went back to school to re learn it was bullshit, smarter than people in there mid 30's and 40's)
only waiting to see the day go by and go FUCK nothing happened and realize im trapped int his Hell hole of a Monopoly Game for ever.

really no matter how i look at it life sucks right now of course love makes it tolerable but the big picture dosnt fit in that tiny frame people like to call "normal"
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