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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle JanJan
Post Content
So these energy directed weapons [link to www.deps.org] is what pulverized the World Trade Centers and are what is being used now to cause the 2012 Mayan Calendar orchestrated doom. The very doom that was rumored to be artificially caused by the Neo cons years back to bring about an artificial Armageddon.

Now we know why the secret societies flooded the internet after 9/11 with the alternative media and the many Mockingbird personalities and psy op documentaries: to sell the cover. Documentaries like Loose Change, Architects for 9/11 truth, Austin Bullhorn fat man, and Zeitgeist, among others. They wanted to place the cause of the event solely on bogus claims, like thermite and demolitions. But there was not debris, and that was even admitted by the news coverage as seen in the embedded video above. A white dust was observed recently in a Louisiana explosion, or incident. They do not want people to know about Tesla technology that will, and is being used to cause the 2012 apocalypse. Technology that is also used for mind control.

Think about all the people in 9/11 running out covered in white dust, and no debris from 4 buildings, with intact vehicles scattered below. Buildings cut cleanly in half in places with desks and chairs remaining un-burned at the cut. Giant skyscrapers designed to take the impact of passenger planes due to proximity to airports and height with enormous iron centers GONE!! Buildings supposedly impacted by airplane fuel that burns at the same temperature as kerosene, which is used with camping stoves. Do the boy-scout pots melt?

What about the planes? Remember the recent Tu Pac hologram concert? [link to www.youtube.com] Or the ones in Japan? [link to www.youtube.com] Heck there are even touchable holograms now. And the reality loving Lemmings? Well, large amounts of people were in proximity to the pulverized buildings and didn’t ask any questions, other than the buildings appear pulverized. Pulverized means vanished into ash and dust. WTF? What??? Like I said, watch the video above, the information that Jesse Ventura brought up on “Disinfo Whores” and was quickly redirected by the SRA clown.

So what Hollywood performance are they orchestrating with their special secret energy directed weapons? 2012, The Movie maybe? Booms, strange sounds in the sky, DUMB expansions. People asked how the DUMBS would protect in plate displacements. Well now we know, the energy directed weapons target specific areas, and not others. This is staged, a controlled catastrophe!!! 2012 doom is staged just like terrorism was!

Things are heating up, let the killing party begin. But don’t forget about the zombie virus: Synthia. Look, listen, read all of these willing liars’ comments. See how many sociopaths are all around you. Just a frequency notch turned up on GWEN and some bio weapons to go with those vaccines and medications, along with all of their DSM diagnosis, and these freaks will start eating each other for real. Possessed rabies and all that happening during the energy directed doom. Do these liars not already seem a little – un-human?

Thread: Holy Shit - Check Iceland Out - Some Major EQ Swarming Going On.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25987859

As far as I'm concerned, the above and other posts like it are the most important messages for humanity to understand that have ever been posted in the history of the internet.
 Quoting: soulsurvivor

^this^ EXACTLY!!!

This needs to be permanently pinned!!!!

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