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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It looks like numerous locals have been freaking out and speaking out since 2010. It would take some massive effort to blackout all of this with kids sick too. I know a majority of people are brainwashed but with people selling up and keeling over all over the place, how are they still keeping all this cover up? Scary because it means they can basically kill millions without any resistance.

If you are healthy and able I suggest leaving America now. This will not be isolate to the SE. It will include Canada, the US, and into Mexico. With all of the nuclear power plants alone -- well, good luck with your breathing and drinking water. No NBC suit will protect anyone over that duration and environment. Those are meant to enter and leave quick, not to persist and thrive within the radiation. They really have just got low IQ people left now, all of us smarter ones left. I personally left due to the bad energy, it felt like being in a satanic church.

As other posts eluded to, this is all a concerted effort. A well thought out, massive operation being orchestrated to make happen -- the 2012 event, whereby many of the parties involved are meant to die right along with everyone else. Maybe even quicker than most as they will be placed in close proximity to spill zones and placed in front of suddenly enraged mobs with nothing to lose, and mobs that may be even genetically altered by some sort of secret bi weapons. Have fun peeps. Some of us know how pathetic you really are as we are the ones that won the PT awards and you were the ones falling out of runs hurling chunks. All they have left in the ranks are sell outs, mostly balding fat guys and lesbians, psychologically Ax to follow orders no matter how insane. You are all being played like a violin. They used to make officers study military history and philosophy. Better read up on the occult meaning to the scapegoat. Anyone having served in the Army should know that defeating a large population that is well armed in their home range will take more than air support, especially when your fuel bags will be routinely targeted. You cannot police 10's of millions of rednecks in wooded areas, you will not even get past the PLA and Russian backed gangs in urban settings. Especially MS13 and Los Zetas. They have got your names dumb asses, addresses, and so do the local rednecks. Let me let you in on a little secret, ever see RT news? Guess who will be trying to win over the hearts and minds of the millions of disenfranchised workers in America -- the proletariat? Just take a wild guess. You've been set up, the art of agitation, the double double cross. Go to a library and read some books. It has all been done before, countless times.

[link to bridgethegulfproject.info]
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