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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LA DHS admitted sinkhole formations in the immediate area of the larger sinkhole a month ago, the same formations that birthed the large sinkhole:
[link to www.edsuite.com]

Remember, the methane bubbles have been reported by DHS 80 miles away in the lake, and that was also a month ago. See how fast the large sinkhole is growing? Common sense would say that the earth is becoming porous in large swaths across the state. That would mean the earth is sinking. That would mean infrastructure will soon collapse and piping will be ruptured. Some piping carries flammable substances. When ruptured, any explosions could ignite methane and butane. that is the small of it.
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