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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At this point I think we all know enough facts and realize that there are so many negative unknowns to recognize that this situation is moving to a huge catastrophy.

Add to the facts, but as I recall:

The sinkhole near a saltdome mysteriously appeared, got bigger and bigger, continues to grow almost 3 months later.
NO end in sight.
Now it is thought that the saltdome is fractured (?).
It's known that there are many other saltdomes nearby, both large and small that will be negatively affected, collapse, sink.
These salt domes are filled with oil, methane, butane, etc.
Toxic fumes, methane, oil and radioactive waste is seen/smelled/detected.
Trees are dead. Some locals evacuated.
Explosions are heard. Huge flashes of light.
A nearby bunker explodes. There are other bunkers in the area. Bunkers can house ammunition.
Large gas and oil fields nearby spreading west to Texas.
It is logically thought that the aquifer under this area is negatively affected, either contaminated or filling with methane (?), spreading horizontally til it can't go any further. Then an explosion. ?
Oil and gas pipelines run thru and criscross the entire area.
Geologists say the entire Gulf land is sinking. Faster than first thought. The area is geologically unstable. Filled with pockets and gaps and cavities.
Seismic activity is picking up.
Earthquake Fault lines run parallel to the Gulf Coast.
As well as the New Madrid a bit north of this location.
And whatever can be said about the Deep Trench that may have been breached at the BP Oil spill well site.

NO ONE person or official organization has admitted to having a handle on what to do or offered a solution to the entire debacle.
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