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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi everyone!

I have found a few very interesting things that I would like to share with anyone who is interested in this.

First of all, I have done some looking into Gary Hecox. I wanted to see what his credentials were. It turns out that he is not merely a 'geologist.' He is a 'hydrogeologist,' who has been employed to give advice in situations like this:

(please read... it is relatively short)

[link to www.nmenv.state.nm.us]

Does anyone know how the scenario, spoken of in the file, turned out?
In my opinion the fact that Hecox is involved in the sinkhole disaster PROVES that they know EXACTLY what is going on with the contamination of the aquifer. Please keep in mind that an alluvial aquifer CANNOT be 'cleaned up,' because of how it is deposited. Even without factoring in the likely possibility of that enormous methane plume migrating from the GOM, this is a dire situation...

Also, it seems that a company in Australia sold some interests it had at the Napoleonville Salt dome, back in January of this year, shortly before the problems in Bayou Corne started to become apparent.

If anyone is interested in reading this (Esoteric Morgan!), it is obviously from the same area in question. Same map and everything:

[link to www.ggpl.com.au]

I have relinquished most of my hope that this will 'settle down.'

I am still trying to compile my findings in a clear, concise and articulate manner, to convince my family to leave Louisiana. I need to convince my immediate family relocate, as well. We live on the Gulf Coast, not far north, as the crow flies, from the Macondo blow-out.

Love and prayers to all who are finding themselves in the midst of this catastrophe.

 Quoting: Ant Storm 10117621

have you read this thread? that is exactly what has been said here, and only here. In 2010 BP and others inundated the web with paid posters and bloggers to do what the alternative media does: discuss and dance around the issues with hearsay and gossip but never dwelling into the details and specifics of who, why, and what. Look at all the other threads, they use nursery rhymes and keep repeating rhetoric -- nothing really specific, over and over trying to conceal information and control it. They are basically spammers and use fluff, sensationalism, and surface material to garner trust and sympathy (playing on your emotions) to lead any one investigating down Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes. Yes, this is all intended but heavily compartmentalized. The workers probably do not know the greater plan as they are killing each other for federal hand outs. Mercenaries basically. This would include -- just like in 2010, their local LEO, doctors, academics, and media. If you get too deep you will know first and foremost by them trying to upload a virus to your computer, tracking adware and malware.
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