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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Watch as all of the other sinkhole side threads get bumped when critical info is posted. Just the way they lie shows psychosis. Anyway, the HAARP site that everyone references is under attack. The site that showed Sandy was steered into the NE.

Pedro Gaete, a Chilean engineer that developed a system that is able to determine when HAARP is used. Today I learnt they (maybe government special services, cannot say for sure) tried to kidnap part of his team. He was visited by secret service, etc I attach the link (is in Spanish). His team has left the country and Gaete is thinking of applying for political asylum. He briefly explained that HARRP was used to enhance Sandy and that in between the 18th and 24th of December the Sun and the Earth are going to be aligned and that could be used by the people that uses HARRP to cause a calamity.

link in Spanish w/ radio interview at bottom.

[link to www.rafapal.com]
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