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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes between Magnitude 6 and 8

EQ graph goes to 2008. Records show 2011 & 2012 are considerably higher than those peek years just a few years back -- which as you can see -- is not normal.
[link to www.tedmontgomery.com]

See how they lie yet? -- They lie about everything. The fracking, energy, etc., are all covers to destroy you and the planet. This is evidenced by their actions. They are not human, as they are admittedly walk-in's, possessed. It is what it is. They are easing everyone into catastrophe, killing people without much resistance due to lying and giving you reality TV, addictions, and junk food. The same thing Jeffrey Dahmer and other psychopaths do to their victims, sedate them and then kill them. Parasites and disease does the exact same thing.
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