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Message Subject Sinkhole and Gulf Oil Disaster Connection...Also tied to New Madrid fault! Must see video!!
Poster Handle davidh7426
Post Content
Wasn't there a chemical plant explosion just like this in Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, and Alabama recently? I don't know, so many I'm losing track.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19140795

Yes, there was an explosion on Friday at a chemical plant outside of Dallas.
[link to www.wfaa.com]

There have been 5-6 "unexplained" and "unrelated" explosions in the last week. This does not bode well. This explosion has already been swept under the carpet. I had to search through 3 pages of stories on the "news" site. This was just Friday!! How/why are they already hiding this? When things like this go unreported, it really makes me uneasy.

Dallas also had a 2.3 earthquake last night. NOTHING about it on the news this morning...absolutely nothing! Earthquakes have become more common for Dallas in the past year, but this is not usual.
 Quoting: muse_1111

If TPTB believe that something is going to happen, maybe they figure that the people would be better off not knowing, especially if TPTB know that there was no way to handle / control the panic that would ensue if the people did find out.

Consider this -

TPTB goes live on the media and informs the people that a massive 10+ earthquake was possibly going to hit the Louisiana & New Madrid areas in the near future, sinking everything near them into the sea. What would happen -

A: The people would laugh then continue as normal.

B: The people would panic, run around like headless chickens & generally get in everybody's way as they try to get to what they think is a safe place. A fair number of people would be hurt or killed as Law & Order temporarily disappears.

C: An orderly evacuation is carried out.

In the case of A -
If the earthquake doesn't hit, TPTB is embarrassed as hell.
If the earthquake does hit - Massive loss of life, economy shot to hell, TPTB more popular because they are seen as trying to save lives by giving the warning.

In the case of B -
Whether or not the earthquake hit's TPTB are blamed, economy is in the toilet.

In the case of C -
The opposite of A without the massive loss of life.
If it doesn't happen, TPTB are blamed for everything.
If it does happen, TPTB are the heroes of the decade.

Now consider what will happen if TPTB keep quiet -

A : The earthquake doesn't happen -
It's business as usual. No one's the wiser, 'fringe groups' that tried to warn people are seen as 'Crying Wolf' & as total nut cases.

B: The earthquake does happen -
Massive loss of life, economy none existent, survivors start to rebuild their lives, while TPTB claim to have had absolutely no knowledge of the possibility of an earthquake.


I figure that TPTB are hoping that it doesn't happen, and are also hoping that if it does that no-one realises that they may have know about it in advance.

[edit] Also, consider the fact that the economy is more or less teetering on the edge at the moment as it is. So rebuilding it after the quake would be better, and it would make one hell of a publicity cue if they're seen as the hero's, it would keep them in power for decades if not longer.
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