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That is the best revenge

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25357066
10/11/2012 05:48 PM
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That is the best revenge
"Although all human beings are filled with the need to love and get on well with others, at the slightest annoyance and sense of injustice they give way to hate and vengeance. But if one day they find the right conditions and meet someone able to be an example to them and show them the way, they then receive insights that will lead them, little by little, to an understanding of how they should behave. This also shows that the way individuals succeed in resolving their own negativity is not just a matter for themselves; it also concerns all those around them whom they influence by their behavior.

Even in the worst conditions, you must never stop working on yourself. And if certain people want to harm you, instead of getting even with them directly, show them by your attitude they havenít succeeded in destroying you; on the contrary, due to them you have grown and become stronger; you are even more alive. That is the best revenge."