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Message Subject I need help. I am under psychospiritual attack, etc.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
FOR EXAMPLE: If they could monitor your electromagnetic brain states using EEG, for example, while you are listening, or singing a song, then it would be possible to associate these brain states with words, both words heard, and spoken. By filtering out background noise using a random event generator and statistical measurements, for example, they are then able to read your brain. This is another thing I have experienced lately. The strange experience that people around me have direct access tom my thoughts.

Shouldn't this be illegal, or at least debated for its ethical ramifications?

The neurolinguistical techniques I have observed are a little more complex. An example:

What do you see? Homers carrying wood, marge is bent over holding her buttox, and there is a crane in the background. This may be a poor example, but they use these techniques to associates words/images (and those associated via extrapolations), which in the unconscious mind can create an association amongst the various stimuli. This example would be a sort of innuendo IMO. I hope I'm wrong-think about the children!
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