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Message Subject I need help. I am under psychospiritual attack, etc.
Poster Handle 1985------
Post Content
OP, I read all the replies to your original post. I can agree with a lot of the responses -- most of them even!

But I'd like a chance to put some of that into context, becauses I was going to reply with basically the same message.

We ARE in fact living in "those times", like what prophecy has fortold in the Bible. Heaven and Hell has litereally collided. You are experiencing brute force from an evil entity trying to take your soul by making you evil, by changing your mental characteristics.

The good spirits however, are in a very difficult position these days, battling a heck of a lot evil throughout the nations. They are a bit busy and are probably having a hard time doing their jobs efficiently. The Beast is in fact here and alive.

It doesn't help a whole lot either that you live in a very prosperous country, which happens to be full of lies, deceptions, corruption, etc....you are in the middle of say, the "Battle", and all you can do is watch i suppose but are still being effected in negative ways because of your assocation with the entities around you.

Like the Media. It's evil, very deceptive. But there are TV's and computers EVERYWHERE you go!

Like the one responder said -- embrace it, learn from it and, it WILL get better over time, most of us are going through the same thing, or HAVE ALREADY went through it and we embraced it and learned to deal with it, which certainly takes some time. But it will get easier over time, have faith in that OP.
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