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Message Subject I need help. I am under psychospiritual attack, etc.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are the guides to our inner world. If we loose control, we are used like emotional prey -if we maintain control, you are no longer compatible as an easy target.

It is made difficult, so that you relinquish control, you must insist and command your inner world out of self respect.

if you have footholds or tendancies to exhaust yourself - be real with yourself - however crazy reality is - you are responsible for keeping house in reflection of it all.

acknowledging the irony and dramatic humor helps to difuse the situation, yet not caught up in hilarity, balance is eternally important, focus on how these issues made you feel in hindsight when similar things have happened before - release these tendencies and looping thought forms, they are not permitted in your energy field, these things that cause me trouble are no longer suitable, so these ideas have been exhausted and can leave elsewhere on its own wavelength to somewhere more suitable away from me forever.

and such habits will be met with the same disposition, insist and command your inner world.

believe it, and it is so, you have this say in your inner world.

when it strays from this, focus on balance, self respect, and maintain that vibe, believe it - and you will guide your inner world in the face of it all.

do things and find things that make you feel at ease, and occupy your life with peace.

much love and empathy bro
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