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"Remider of Hell" in cinematography

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User ID: 25422239
Czech Republic
10/12/2012 08:03 AM
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"Remider of Hell" in cinematography
Dear Users,

Mankind consists of Hellish people (= Hellish humanoid souls) and normal people (= normal human
souls). Hellish people (also called “the secret dark”, “Satanic people” or “Devil's children”) have caused
the biggest technical development of our mankind and they have the main word in entertainment, too.

The theory has it that they have inserted their secret signs into some of the movies they have
created and one of the signs is their "Reminder of Hell", as it is shown here:

[link to www.pavelkastl.cz]

Here is a link to a collection of articles "Secret Signs in Movies", where there is a more complex talking about the secret Hellish signs in general:

[link to www.filefactory.com]

The collection "Secret Signs in Movies" was originally entitled "Pekelni lide" and its first update (Revision 1) can be downloaded here:

[link to www.pavelkastl.cz]

Time to learn something.

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