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User ID: 25426260
10/12/2012 08:34 AM
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Hello Everyone,

My new website

-- [link to www.ekpar.org] --

is currently under preparation -- I hope to complete preparations
soon, God willing.

For now, however, there is already complete and critically important information on my
website that I would like you to access. The key to the correct understanding of end-time
prophecy especially those aspects concerning the long-awaited second coming of the Only Begotten
Son of God is the correct identification of the entity named Babylon the Great as
recorded in Revelation 17 and related Bible passages.

If you can correctly identify Babylon the Great, you can correctly
interpret and thus understand critically important end-time prophecy.
However, if you fail to correctly identify Babylon the Great, then
you will definitely fall into destructive error and thus perish in
your sins. The correct identification of Babylon the Great is an eternal
life-and-death issue because failure to identify Babylon the Great
correctly will lead you to call the Holy Spirit of God a liar and thus obtain
eternal damnation - fulfilling the curse recorded in Luke 12:10, Matthew 12:31-32 and
Mark 3:29-30.

For this reason I have made the completion of my article on Babylon
the Great a priority in the preparation of my website for the
preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can access my complete article on Babylon the Great entitled
"BABYLON THE GREAT CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED" at the following address on
the Internet:

[link to www.ekpar.org]

Please read my article on Babylon the Great very carefully and
prayerfully. The address I have given you above contains all the
information you need to understand the key issues related to Babylon the Great. External
links from the page give you complete auxiliary information when necessary - if you do
not find additional information by following a link to an external page, then that
information is not essential to a complete understanding of the key issues concerning
Babylon the Great or the information is already provided in the remainder of the article.
What I am saying is
that everything you need to get a clear understanding of all the key
issues related to Babylon the Great is all contained within the page
at the address I have given you above. You only need to read the
article carefully and prayerfully.

As you can see by accessing the main page on my website -- [link to www.ekpar.org] --
I am preparing a complete repository of information on critically important and timely issues from the gospel of Jesus Christ
based entirely on the explicit statements of the Holy Spirit of God as recorded in the
Bible. I hope to complete my preparations soon - God willing - but for now you can access
any completed parts of the website that you need to learn about.

Most important of all, please send me any questions, comments or
suggestions you have on any issues related to the gospel of Jesus
Christ. I will answer your questions according to the exceeding blessings in
knowledge and understanding that God the Father has bestowed on me
with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to the praise and glory of God.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you. May God bless you abundantly.

Best regards,
Frank E. Ekpar.
Acts 3:19-20 "[19] Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.

[20] And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you."

Ekaete Okung
User ID: 38853114
United Kingdom
04/25/2013 06:22 AM
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Dear Dr Frank E. Ekpar,
I am writing to firstly enquire about your wife who went by the name Dr Grace (Mfon) Maurice Ekaette. (Dr Mrs Grace F. Ekpar).

I hope u are all doing great! I cannot begin to express my shock at this write up. The last time we saw & spoke, u didn't believe in God & had Ur rigid belief christianity was a lie & a waste of time! U emphatically stated Ur belief on the creation & non existence of God when I called & spoke to u some years ago in Japan.

Are u known saying that u, Dr Frank E. Ekpar, the husband to my childhood friend, Grace Ekaette & the guy from a humble background in Rivers State, whom I met some years ago are the Son of God (Jesus Christ)?

Wow!iam lost for words to say the least! I can't believe my ears, eyes! How is Grace & the boys? I remember your first son Frank jnr passed away in Lagos & buried in Lagos in Ur absence. If u are the same Frank that is now Jesus Christ , Son of the Living God, whom u never believed in , then I am so glad to reconnect with u.

Give Grace, your lovely wife my warmest regards! Perhaps we can link up soon. She must be fluent in the Japnese language by now. Please give her & the kids hugs & kisses from me.

Kind regards,
Ekaete Okung.