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Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina

captain obvious
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United States
01/18/2006 02:34 PM
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Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina

By Ed Sherwood

In the early hours of August 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina made landfall, after passing through the Gulf of Mexico, and devastated the city of New Orleans, and 90,000 square miles of the state of Mississippi and coastal Louisiana before dissipating.

Forming in the Caribbean and declared a tropical storm on August 23rd, it became a monstrous Hurricane, a Category 5, within three days, after first striking the tip of Florida and diverting into the Gulf of Mexico. Described by many as ‘Biblical’ and ‘Apocalyptic’ in scale and destructive force, it wrought incalculable damage upon the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in its path, and continues to be an historic tragedy.

Hurricane Katrina revealed how vulnerable modern civilization can be in the wake of a massive and devastating hurricane, a fact that was foreseen not only by people living on and off the Gulf coast, aware of the potential for disaster in New Orleans, but also by Extraterrestrial ‘Intelligences’ above, that gave prophetic and alerting ‘Signs’ in the sky, weeks and days before the approaching Hurricane. These were witnessed and filmed on both sides of the Gulf coast, in Mexico and the US!


Reported by well known UFOlogist Santiago Yturria, on Rense.com, the first two aerial signs occurred on the morning of June 24th 2005 over two state capitals in Mexico; San Luis Potosi, in the state of San Luis Potosi; and Xalapa, in the state of Veracruz (Ref. 1 & 2).

Synchronously, on the same day that the well known UFOlogist and TV jounalist, Jaime Maussan, gave a media attended conference in San Luis Potosi, drawing further public attention to the increasing UFO presence in Mexico, an unprecedented UFO ‘Fleet’ sighting occurred over the city! Filmed by Rosario Oviedo close to her home in San Luis Potosi, and witnessed by some of her neighbors, the sighting lasted for several minutes, and included more than fifty, luminous, unidentified flying ‘spheres’, arranged in a loose cluster type formation, clearly visible against the morning sky (Fig. 1 & Ref. 1).

Fig. 1 UFOs Filmed Over San Luis Potosi
on the Day of the UFO Conference
Video Still ã 2005 Rosario Oviedo/Courtesy Santiago Yturria

Additional sightings above the city were also reported to Jaime Maussan during the conference, including mysterious spheres witnessed on two consecutive days
before the conference, and early the following morning (Ref. 1).

Curiously, on the same morning that Rosario Oviedo filmed the UFO fleet above San Luis Potosi, another ‘unprecedented’ UFO event and sign also occurred above Xalapa, and very significantly, Casa Veracruz; the official house of government and home of the Governor of Xalapa, Fidel Herrera Beltran (Ref. 2).

Witnessed at 10:30AM during an official ceremony by the Governor, numerous police officers, newspaper and television reporters, who photographed and filmed the event, and many local residents, the sighting involved ‘at least 14 unknown flying objects’, that made no discernable sound, and ‘remained almost static in the sky in formation describing a triangle pattern in perfect alignment for almost 30 minutes.’ (Ref. 2)

Reported three days later by Santiago Yturria on Rense.com, the Casa Veracruz UFO fleet sighting was treated as a major incident and received National Television news time the same night in Mexico (TV Azteca)! It was also reported as the headline news of various newspapers of Xalapa (Ref. 2).

After giving a Crop Circle slide presentation, at the 42nd Annual National UFO Conference in Hollywood, California, on September 2nd, 2005, Kris, my research partner and wife, and myself, met with Santiago Yturria, to discuss the Casa Veracruz sighting, and to share much of what is contained in this article. Afterwards, we had an opportunity to view some of the TV camera footage recorded shortly before, and during, the Casa Veracruz sighting, and were very impressed.

The UFOs were filmefuck_tardast quality equipment and against a clear blue morning sky. The TV news camera clips we saw were brief, but clear, and very interesting in many respects. One TV news cameraman recorded the Governor beginning his outdoor speech into a microphone, only to halt moments later to people shouting “OVNIs!”, “OVNIs!” (“UFOs!”, “UFOs!”), and join an increasing number of people looking up at an amazing sight; a fleet of UFOs, of identical looking ‘metallic discs’, maintaining a ‘silent’, ‘fixed’ position, formation, and apparent sign in the sky above Casa Veracruz, and the city of Xalapa (Ref. 2 & 3).

The Casa Veracruz UFO fleet sighting was an unprecedented incident, as Santiago Yturria reported on Rense.com on June 27th 2005. It was also a prophetic event, and sign, of what I had conveyed to Santiago three weeks earlier! (Ref. 4)

For some years, I have been anticipating an increase in UFO fleet sightings to occur in Mexico, as a precursor to similar sightings occurring in other parts of the world, and in the not too distant future, as a worldwide event (Ref. 5). On June 3rd 2005 I replied to an e-mail from Santiago Yturria and wrote ‘Many thanks for the news about the recent UFO ‘fleets’ over Mexico. Very interesting indeed! Between you and us, if my ‘translation’ of a Biblical prophesy is correct, a lot more is on the very near horizon too!’ I finished my e-mail by saying ‘thank you again for news of the UFO ‘fleets’ and ‘mass clusters’ filmed above Mexico, that’s a very good sign J J’
(Ref. 4 & 6)

Anticipating, in early June 2005, a lot more UFO fleet sightings and signs to follow in fulfillment of a Biblical prophesy, I communicated the following to Jaime Maussan. On July 3rd 2005 I replied to a personal e-mail from Jaime Maussan and wrote, ‘If some of the humanoid beings appearing over Mexico (and possibly other areas) are potentially hostile to humankind, why are they flying around so brazenly? Are they indifferent visitors? Or could it be that the more advanced ET Civilizations fulfilling the July 11th 1991 Eclipse prophesy intend to reveal THEMSELVES a lot more soon, and that some would like humankind to be afraid, and to think they are coming here to control us, when in truth they are coming here to help us?’ (Ref. 5, 6 & 7)

On July 10th 2005 in an e-mail to Santiago Yturria I added, ‘My feeling about the Unidentified Flying Humanoids being seen and filmed over Mexico, and a few other locations however is, that they are NOT the same 'beings' behind the 'UFO Fleets', the July 11th 1991 Eclipse sightings event, and much of the UFO activity seen since that historic day in Mexico. I strongly suspect instead, that there is more than one ET Civilization making itself more 'visible' over Mexico at this PROPHESIZED time of Cosmic unveiling and expanded human Collective Consciousness, and they do not all have our best interests at heart. Some, a minority, visiting this planet are perhaps really coming here ONLY for
themselves, or for others who would otherwise come here primarily for themselves, and not to help humankind or the Earth. I also suspect a deception, in that the 'selfish' ETs are appearing more because they know the more advanced 'un-selfish' ETs are also appearing more and will soon do so GLOBALLY. They would like us perhaps to accept them along with those who truly come to help us. They may also have a more sinister aim: to generate fear, distrust, and doubt in us of those ET Civilizations who can truly help humanity and the Earth.’ (Ref. 8)

The UFO fleet sighting above Casa Veracruz was a sign and affirmation of prophesy being fulfilled, in my understanding, and more was to follow. Since communicating with Santiago on June 3rd there had been an increase in UFO sightings in Mexico, including UFO fleets above two major cities on the same morning, and above the ‘White House’ equivalent of one, Casa Veracruz, three of the unidentified flying ‘disks’ had remained ‘static’, forming a large triangle in the sky for half an hour, allowing it to be witnessed by many credible observers, and to be filmed! (Ref. 2) Was it a sign, a visual symbol, and form of ‘communication’? Were certain ET Intelligences trying to alert people to three UFO fleet sightings; San Luis Potosi, Xalapa, and a third? Was it meant to be a spiritual sign, to represent ‘three-as-one’, the metaphysical concept and principle of ‘a trinity’, and ‘The Trinity’? ‘Casa Veracruz’, translated from Spanish means ‘House’ of the ‘True Cross’, a very apt name for the principle location of a prophetic UFO incident (Ref. 9). Is Biblical prophesy (like Maya, Aztec, and other prophesies), being fulfilled through an increase in UFO sightings in the skies over Mexico, and elsewhere? (Ref. 5 & 6)

On August 19th 2005, I received news from Santiago Yturria of another unprecedented UFO fleet sighting and sign that had been filmed on the opposite side of the Gulf coast, in Florida, a few days earlier. I wrote back to Santiago after looking at the report and said ‘Now there’s a sign!’ (Ref. 10) It was in my view another ‘sign of affirmation’ of a Biblical prophesy being fulfilled, and a major ALERT for people living along the Gulf Coast (Ref. 5 & 6).


Nine days before Hurricane Katrina was declared a tropical storm in the Caribbean, seven UFOs were filmed flying in the form of a ‘Latin Cross’ above Florida! (Fig. 2 & Ref. 11)

Fig. 2 Seven UFOs Arranged in the Form of a ‘Latin Cross’
Video Still ã 2005 Steve Burns/Courtesy UFOtheatre.com

The UFO fleet sighting and sign was reportedly filmed by Steve Burns on August 14th 2005, at 10:15pm (Central time), and was posted on the internet on UFOtheatre.com, with a video still image, and mpeg the next day (Ref. 11). The exact location of the sighting was not given, but the fact it was reported over Florida couldn’t have been more timely, and pertinent. Now, the pieces of a UFO puzzle and prophesy were falling into place, and the ‘dots’ of the UFO fleet signs could be connected, linking the sightings over San Luis Potosi, Xalapa, and Florida.

The instant I saw the ‘flying cross’ image many things came to mind, including the feeling it was a premonitory sign of an impending disaster, foreseen by certain ET Intelligences concerned for the Earth and Humankind. I wasn’t sure how portentous the sign would be until Hurricane Katrina began to approach Florida on August 24th 2005. The following day Katrina became a Category 1 Hurricane and side swiped the tip of Florida killing eleven people. Moving on into the Gulf of Mexico, and warmer water, it increased in strength to a Category 5 Hurricane (Fig. 3) and to a 4 just before making landfall on August 29th, causing immense damage and loss to this day.

Fig. 3 Hurricane Katrina
Satellite Photo ã 2005 NASA

On September 2nd 2005 I conveyed much of what is contained in this article to Santiago Yturria, and to several other respected UFOlogists attending the 42nd Annual National UFO Conference in Hollywood, including Steven Bassett, Richard Dolan, Nick Redfern, and Farah Yurdozu, as well as Larry Newnam (CircleSpeak), and Lisa Davis (organizer of the NUFOC Conference). I also disseminated much of the same information to a small audience, as the last part of a slide presentation by Kris and I, entitled ‘Crop Circle Answers: ‘Who’ and ‘What’ Has Been Creating the Worldwide Crop Circle Phenomenon, and Why?

Over the next two months I tried to obtain further information concerning Steve Burn’s sighting, through UFOTheatre.com, but to no avail. This admittedly did make me suspicious of the report, despite the immaculate timing of the sighting, and the previous UFO fleet signs apparently associated with it. However, another witness would soon step forward and provide additional information and an affirming account of what must have been a truly awe-inspiring and historic UFO sighting! (Ref. 12)


On November 2nd 2005, Kris (Sherwood) and I were guests of George Noory,
on his internationally broadcast radio program, and while discussing the subject of UFOs, I briefly mentioned the Gulf Coast sightings that had preceded Hurricane Katrina, including the Flying Cross above Florida. Two days later I received a very interesting e-mail from Eric Watson, a resident of Florida, reporting that he, with his sixteen year old son Jeff, had also witnessed the UFO cross directly above his house in St Petersberg (Ref. 12).

Eric Watson wrote that one night, at about 10pm (15 minutes earlier than Steve Burns sighting) in early Summer (possibly June) 2005, he felt ‘compelled’ to go outside with his two sons (Jeff, and Matt, aged 13), and look up at a certain part of the night sky. He wrote ‘We were looking right up at the spot.’ A couple of minutes later, against a clear sky, the UFOs began to appear. ‘We saw a white cross that lit up one by one, about 4 down and 3 over, it may have been five down, no more then 3 over for sure!’ The UFOs were described as ‘huge’, each being approximately the size of a thumbnail held at arms length, and ‘awesome’ to look at (Ref. 12 & 13).

The UFOs were ‘perfect white round orbs very bright and defined. They popped on one at a time, and waited until our eyes were locked on that spot.’ Observed directly over the city, above 83rd Avenue, Eric Watson added that the UFO cross ‘was not lit for more then 4 seconds when we saw a silent flash, like an explosion, the same color white, about three fingers away arm extended, and the cross went out one by one twice as fast as it lit up. It was like something in space took a picture of it with an old-fashioned flashcube square. The flash was as big as your thumb nail.’ (Ref. 12 & 13)

‘The cross I feel was meant to show me something, maybe spiritual?’ Eric Watson wrote. Reporting that the entire sighting lasted about ten seconds, he added ‘I really believe it was meant for us to see. What are the chances you walk outside with a feeling and look up and two minutes later get treated to a light show?’ (Ref. 13)


Did ET Intelligences foresee Hurricane Katrina and give alerting and premonitory signs of an approaching disaster?

A UFO fleet sign had been witnessed above Xalapa, and the ‘House of the True Cross’, and across the Gulf of Mexico from Xalapa, a ‘cross’ of similar looking UFOs had been witnessed above St Petersberg, both shortly before the Hurricane.

Before the UFO cross sign appeared over Florida it was clear that visiting ET Intelligences were wishing their existence to be known and acknowledged above San Luis Potosi and Xalapa, but why? Why had a UFO fleet sign appeared over two capital cities on the same morning, on June 24th 2005? Was there something significant (even symbolic) about the date and location of the two sightings? Why were certain ET Intelligences trying to draw the attention of UFO investigators, government representatives and officers, media reporters and the public, to their existence, and why above San Luis Potosi, and Xalapa?

I think, the UFO fleet appeared over San Luis Potosi because Jaime Maussan was scheduled to give, and gave, a media attended conference in the city on that date, about recent UFO activity in Mexico. Certain spiritually advanced ET civilizations visiting Earth, wishing their existence to be peacefully acknowledged, and safely known, acknowledged Jaime Maussan’s conference, I think, because he openly and publicly acknowledges their existence, and has done more to raise public awareness of the UFO/ET presence in Mexico through the mass media of television and radio than any other contemporary UFO investigator.

In my view, benevolent ET Intelligences gave an acknowledgement, and a major ‘sign of support’ to ‘UFO Disclosure’ in Mexico, by affirming, and emphasizing their existence on the day of the conference. They were also encouraging the watchful, perhaps, to look to the sky for recognizable signs of their presence, and to be on ‘alert’ for news of another unprecedented UFO fleet sighting above a state capital, witnessed and filmed on the same morning above Xalapa, and Casa Veracruz! (Ref. 2)

Why did a UFO fleet appear above Xalapa, and Casa Veracruz?

I think a UFO fleet appeared over the city of Xalapa because it is the capital of Veracruz, and above Veracruz because it is located on the Gulf coast. In my view, certain ET Intelligences were trying to draw our attention, not only to their existence, but also to ours, and to the Gulf coast. Opposite Xalapa, for example, across the Gulf of Mexico is, and was, New Orleans, and the coastline of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida! (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4 Three Associated UFO Fleet Sighting Locations
Map ã 2005 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The UFO fleet appeared above Casa Veracruz on the morning of June 24th 2005, I think, because of the outdoor official ceremony being held there, the many and type of people gathered, and because it is the White House of Xalapa! The name of the location, Casa Veracruz, as mentioned previously, was also significant I think, by its association with the Cross of Christ, and because of the aerial sign that would soon follow it above Florida.

By making a brief appearance over the primary government building of Xalapa, at the start of an official ceremony attended by the media, and lead by the Governor, at 10:30AM, when many people would also be going about their daily business in the city, certain ET Intelligences were clearly wishing their presence and sign to be known. (Ref. 2)

Why did a UFO fleet appear over two state capitals on the same morning?

By appearing above Xalapa and Casa Veracruz on the same day as the UFO conference in San Luis Potosi, certain ET Intelligences were, I think, trying to draw the attention of many people, particularly Jaime Maussan, Fidel Herrera Beltran, and Television and Newspaper reporters, to the UFO fleet sightings over both cities, and to stimulate many to ask what the UFOs were, and why they might be appearing?

On July 11th 1991, an historic UFO sighting occurred during a Total Solar Eclipse above Mexico City (the world’s largest city), and simultaneously over several other cities around Mexico. Witnessed by thousands of people looking skyward, and filmed from multiple vantage points, this UFO event was, in my view, the most significant mass witnessed UFO sighting of the last century! Prophesized by the Maya more than 1200 years ago to usher in a new era of ‘cosmic awareness’, including the return of, and awareness of, our brethren ‘from the Stars’, the Eclipse of 1991 was also predicted to be the harbinger of great upheavals, including ‘Earth changes’ (Ref.14). Why then, had two major cities in Mexico received synchronous sightings, including a sign in the sky, on the morning of June 24th 2005? Was another prophesy (in addition to Mayan) being fulfilled?

While a UFO fleet sighting had occurred above San Luis Potosi and Xalapa on the same day, the timing of both was more closely associated with the official ceremony being held at Casa Veracruz, than the UFO conference at San Luis Potosi. This, in my view, was to emphasize the main purpose of the synchronized sightings: to draw mass attention to Xalapa, a sign above Casa Veracruz, and the Gulf Coast.

Why did seven UFOs form the sign of a Latin Cross above Florida,
including St Petersberg?

I think, seven UFOs formed the sign of a Latin Cross above Florida to fulfill a Biblical prophesy contained in the book of ‘Revelation’ (Ref. 5 & 6), and to be an alerting sign in prophetic times. Certain ET Intelligences evidently knew and cared that the worst natural disaster in US history was soon to strike the Gulf Coast, including Florida.

The number seven is greatly associated with prophesy. For example, ‘seven’ is referenced 54 times in the book of Revelation, the prophetic last book of the Bible, and referenced in the form of 18 seven-fold symbols: ‘seven churches’, ‘seven spirits’, ‘seven golden candlesticks’, ‘seven stars’, ‘seven lamps’, ‘seven horns’, ‘seven eyes’, ‘seven seals’, ‘seven angels’, ‘seven trumpets’, ‘seven thunders’, ‘seven heads’, ‘seven crowns’, ‘seven plagues’, ‘seven golden vials’, ‘seven mountains’, ‘seven kings’, and ‘seven thousand slain men’ (Ref. 6).

While there are many iconographic variations of a ‘cross’ with similar and different meanings, relating to Christian and pre-Christian religious traditions, the cross that the seven static UFOs most resembled was a ‘Latin Cross’; the most common and recognizable symbol of Christianity.

The Latin Cross has been the preeminent symbol of Western civilization for centuries, symbolizing to millions of people, Christ, the highest good, crucifixion, death (especially in Latin speaking countries, including Mexico), sin, guilt, sorrow, burial, resurrection, salvation, heaven, and God.

‘At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.

And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.’
(Matthew 24:30-31)

‘The sign of the Son of Man’ (Christ) is a Latin Cross, and ‘the nations’ did mourn soon after this UFO fleet sign appeared in the sky above Florida, after Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Witnessed directly above St. Petersberg the UFO fleet sign was, in my view, a double affirmation of Biblical prophesy being fulfilled in modern times.

A major city on the US Gulf Coast was about to be inundated by a natural and man caused catastrophe that would claim many lives, devastate thousands of square miles, and greatly impact the consciousness of millions of people around the world. A Latin Cross, a sign of Christ and ‘the highest good’ had preceded the disaster, silently affirming that certain ET Intelligences are well aware of Biblical prophesy, had foreseen the coming storm, and were giving us prophesized signs.

Just over seven weeks earlier, across the Gulf of Mexico from St. Petersberg, a UFO fleet sign had appeared above Xalapa, and the House of the True Cross, in Mexico, a Latin speaking country. Were certain ET Intelligences, behind both sightings, also saying THEY are of the highest good, recognize Jehovah, and can help humanity? I think so. By their actions you will know them.

On June 3rd 2005 I wrote to Santiago Yturria ‘…if my ‘translation’ of a Biblical prophesy is correct, a lot more is on the very near horizon too!’, and more had happened, including UFO fleet signs reflecting a ‘Biblical’ theme.

Since July 11th 1991, Mexico has been experiencing a ‘dress rehearsal’, in my view, of what has been prophesized to occur globally in the very near future: an unmistakable sign, that we are NOT alone in the Universe, involving a mass externalization of ET vehicles, and beings (a major aspect of the prophesized ‘Second Coming’) witnessed around the world ‘over a period of nine days’ (Ref. 5). This event, will affect the Collective Mind of humanity like none before it, that is, not since ‘God Consciousness’ last walked on the Earth, through Jesus.

‘And when he had opened the Seventh seal, there was silence in heaven
about the space of half an hour.’ (Revelation, Chapter 8, verse 1, Ref. 6 & 5)

It IS time for humanity to really come out of the darkness of not knowing if we are alone or not, and to realize that there are many highly advanced and spiritual (as well as some not so spiritual) ET Civilizations out there, coming here. The seventh seal has not been opened yet, but signs that the time is drawing very near is coming to pass (Ref. 5).

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:’
(‘The Acts of the Apostles’ Chapter 2:17)

The night before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans I experienced a prophetic dream. I dreamt I descended a steep coastal cliff trail at night, in a brooding storm, to a thickly wooded pit with near vertical sides, descending to an old brick well, and an ivy covered sign that read ‘Worm’. Partially covered by foliage I brushed aside the ivy to read ‘Wormwood’, and realized I was standing next to an open symbolic ‘bottomless pit’, and at a place where the land meets the sea! After I awoke I understood my dream to mean that New Orleans was about to be poisoned by the water of Hurricane Katrina, and that the ‘Wormwood’ of Revelation would be remembered (Revelation, Chapter 8, verse 11, Ref. 6).

After Katrina struck New Orleans I learned while watching a television documentary that the inundation and contamination of the city by a massive Hurricane had, in 2001, been foreseen by FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) to be one of the three likeliest natural and/or other disasters to occur in the US. Another had been an attack on the Two Trade Towers (foretold in Revelation, Chapter 18, verse 1-24, Ref. 6) prior to 9:11.
The third is thought to be a powerful earthquake devastating San Francisco. I might be biased living in Santa Monica, but rather than ‘Frisco’, I would be more concerned about the city of ‘The Angels’, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, ‘which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.’ (Revelation, Chapter 11, verse 8, Ref. 6) ‘Our Lord’, Jesus, was also ‘crucified’ in Hollywood in films and television, including recently and most graphically in ‘The Passion of Christ’, by actor and director Mel Gibson, a film that has reportedly earned nearly a billion dollars!

These ARE prophetic times, and great signs have been appearing for more than thirty years, in my view, affirming it: upon the ground in England in the form of certain non-manmade Crop Circle formations (Ref. 15), and in the sky as unprecedented UFO sightings (i.e.: Mexico City 1991-present, Phoenix 1997, Istanbul 1999 – Ref. 16, Guadalajara 2004, and a great many more), including some of the most recent and unprecedented UFO fleet sightings and signs above Mexico, and Florida!

Ed Sherwood – August 2005/January 2006

Copyright ã 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

All rights reserved.
Links Permitted

Special thanks to Santiago Yturria for UFO news and reports.


1) The San Luis Potosi UFO Fleet Sighting, By Santiago Yturria, posted on Rense.com, June 25th 2005; [link to www.rense.com]
2) Massive Sightings of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico, By Santiago Yturria, Update posted on Rense.com, June 27th 2005; [link to www.rense.com]
3) Discussion and footage viewing with Santiago Yturria during the 42nd NUFOC Conference.
4) E-mail correspondence to Santiago Yturria on June 3rd 2005.
5) The Briefing for the Landing On Planet Earth, By Stuart Holryod, Corgi, 1979.
[link to www.theonlyplanetofchoice.com]
6) Revelation, The Holy Bible, King James Version, Ballantine Books, 1991.
7) E-mail correspondence to Jaime Maussan on July 3rd 2005.
8) E-mail correspondence to Santiago Yturria on July 10th 2005.
9) A full translation was given by Farah Yurdozu at the 42nd NUFOC Conference.
10) E-mail correspondence to Santiago Yturria on August 19th 2005.
11) Flying Cross Videotaped in Florida, posted on UFOTheatre.com,
August 15th 2005: [link to www.ufotheatre.com]
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13) E-mail correspondence from Eric Watson on November 7th 2005.
14) Messengers of Destiny, Genesis lll, By Lee & Brit Elders, Video, 1992; [link to www.shirleymaclaine.com]
15) Crop Circle Articles by Ed & Kris Sherwoofuck_tardircleAnswers.com: [link to www.cropcircleanswers.com]
16) Best UFO Cases in Turkey, Esen Sekerkaraar, MUFON LA presentation, July 21st 2005.


Fig. 1: ã 2005 Rosario Oviedo/Courtesy Santiago Yturria
Fig. 2: ã 2005 Steve Burns/Courtesy UFOTheatre.com
Fig. 3: ã 2005 NASA
Fig. 4: ã 2005 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Contact: Ed & Kris Sherwood, Millennium Research, P.O. Box 2084, Santa Monica, CA, 90406, USA.


Copyright ã 2006 Ed & Kris Sherwood
All Rights Reserved

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United States
01/18/2006 03:02 PM
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Re: Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
little star
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01/18/2006 03:02 PM
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Re: Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
Yea I read about this already. Very interesting.
The part that got me is the image of the cross.
That cross had 7 ships in it. To me as a Christian 7 means spiritual completeness.
That image is what drawn me to read the article.
Good post..

User ID: 62251
United States
01/19/2006 02:39 AM
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Re: Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
More UFO Fleets over Mexico, 2006 is a UFO cycle year, it's also the year of informal contact, 2012 is formal contact.
Date:Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:07:15 -0000
Mexico - Numerous UFOs Over Yucatan

In recent days a considerable number of UFO sightings have
recported in this locality, mainly in the southern region.

The latest and clearest sighting took place last Sunday and
evidence of the presence of a circular UFO, surrounded by
lights, was captured near the city of Ticul. This city
remains the
focal point for such encounters, according to groups
devoted to "night
watches", except that on this occasion clearer images were

Silvestre Leal and Emilio Cetz Aguiar, in charge of the
Internacional de Rastreo e Investigacion OVNI (Sirio) were
for filming the "craft".

The event occurred on Sunday the 12th during the
celebration of the
feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and whose encounter had a
of some two minutes approximately, although only 54 seconds
of video
footage were obtained. 150 photographs were obtained for
study. Their pixels were analyzed along with their clarity
(sic) to
confirm that they indeed showed a UFO.

The object in question is a circular structure that was at
a height of
between 40 to 50 meters over the ground of the "San Benito"
Field, explained Cetz Aguiar. He described the "craft" as
some 5 meters in diameter with an orange center bordered by
lights of
various colors, of which blue, green and red were the
hues. It made no sound whatsoever, he added. Intial tests
aimed at
ascertaining if the object was a UFO were made during the
but given its shape and movement, other possibilities -- an
or a helicopter -- were discarded. The possibility of a
balloon was
also dismissed, despite the festivities of the Virgin of
Guadalupe and
the "Feria del Zapato" being held nearby, since the object
was moving
against the direction of the prevailing winds.

He added that the purpose of the visit was to verify a UFO
video taken
by Ivan Garma -- a Ticul resident -- in recent days.

"After determining that Garma wasn't home, we toured the
city and I
suddenly thought I saw the object, but there was so much
light that I
lost it. The time was around 21:00 hours."

Subsequently, he continued, the object appeared at another
and when he took out his camcorder, it lost itself amid the
of the community.

Both members of the Grupo Sirio decided to mount a "night
watch" at
the Soccer Field and were rewarded for their efforts, since
the object
appeared again--and this time much closer. The sighting
took place at
22:15 hours and could be the same object filmed on two
occasions--August and October-- by members of a family
surnamed Mata.

The UFO "wave" in the southern region began last August to
such a
degree that up to 400 people would meet in the very same
field where
the flying artifact was recorded, hoping for an encounter.