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Is there anyway to change where we are headed with this world?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21814696
10/12/2012 09:28 AM
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Is there anyway to change where we are headed with this world?
We know the world crisis revolves around oil/gas, money and religion.

I wonder how significant the impact would be on those in power - if we all stopped spending and simply shut down and did nothing - no work - no driving - no spending of any kind - used no utilities - no travelling - gas, trains or airplanes, no banking, no shopping? Would it not impact the banks, oil companies, big companies and governments to the point where they had to stop and listen to the people.

Just imagine how challenging that would be for us just to survive for that time period going back to the basics all over the world? A small sacrifice when compared to what situations we might face daily with a world war, which could be so much worse.

Do you think that the masses could take back some control of the world from the small group that are abusing it and us.

We have already proven that all religions can live together in harmony. The Middle East is FU. They can't get along with each other so why would we expect them to get along with us?

As for Israel - it is the land of the Jews as per the bible but the arabs should be able to live there and worship peacefully if they choose to.

Jews need to understand that just because they are Jews does not mean they are protected. They must be full practising Jews living under the regulations outlined in the laws of Abraham. Only those living according to the word are protected.

The biggest issue Arabs have with the Jews is that they are living like gentiles and not like what is applicable to those laws. Orthodox Jews have no issues with Muslims and vice versa as the lifestyle is conservative verses the liberal lifestyles of the west.

The holy areas should be for all denominations and respected and protected by all groups for that purpose.(HOLINESS).

China and Japan need to take a pill and have the ownership dispute heard in an international court for resolution.

North Korea needs to lessen its military and feed its people and South Korea needs to help them out.

All world governments need to concentrate on reactor #4 in Japan and come together to fix it before it fixes us.

As for fresh water - our most valuable commodity - life's link - we have big problems.