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Dad builds world’s fastest baby stroller, top speed 50 mph [video]

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10/12/2012 01:03 PM
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Dad builds world’s fastest baby stroller, top speed 50 mph [video]
When Brit Colin Furze discovered he was going to be a dad, he thought there might be days when pushing his newborn baby in a pram up hills might be too much effort. So he set out to build a motorized baby stroller for him and his baby. But what started as an idea to aid a gentle walk with his child turned into a project to build the world’s fastest stroller, with the 33-year-old plumber-cum-inventor soon succeeding in his quest.
Furze, from Stamford in England, took four weeks to build his 50 mph (80 km/h) stroller, at a cost of £450 ($720). Featuring a 125cc motorcycle engine, a platform for Furze to stand on (no, he can’t run at 50 mph), four gears, a space for shopping and a drinks holder on the side, the Brit said it travels so fast that he’s set to be officially recognized by Guinness Records as the creator of the world’s fastest baby stroller.

Read all: [link to www.digitaltrends.com]