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Message Subject Are the DOTS slowly being connected down in LA with the sink hole and BP's rupture in 2010!
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content
I have been talking about this from the first thread on the La. sinker back in early Aug.
i never let up.

now here is the crude oil and methane coming up there. the fact i have a e-mail i received back in 2010 from Matt Simmons saying this would happen..."it is not a matter of if but when." he wrote.

now here in the fall of 2012 crude oil and matching methane gas coming up in La. and at the same time it appears the rupture was not fixed and the cover up is...well floating to the top now. this has been openly stated after the floating oil tested positive for the BP well' oil.

really people we must have the oh so smart ones down there....well FREAKING test the La crude and gas against the BP well's crude and gas!

and just maybe stop drilling so many FREAKING holes down there just guessing the wheres and whats of the hows and whens.....before the whole freaking thing takes out the GOM and most of our central states!
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