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Message Subject Are the DOTS slowly being connected down in LA with the sink hole and BP's rupture in 2010!
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content
if you were rethinking on BP's rupture....
look into how many wells were to be drilled?
how many wells were drilled before the rupture.

remember there was a storm that came in right when they said they were going to have the fix.
all boats and relief rigs left the area....
when things started up all but 1 ship were in a different location. about a mile away. they never put the ROV's from that one ship online EVER again.

then take a good look at the ROV footage from CNN of the final fix...you can see a reflection of a door open several times and you can actually see a body walk by. this would be quite hard to have happened so far under water....unless it was faked and in a tank....
also the color of the broken fixture went from dirty white to cleaner yellow.

spoiler alert....
BP had permits to drill 2 wells, A and B.
the rupture happen on B the second.
A did have some issues as well and was leaking at the BOP
A was about 1 mile away from B.
so did they claim to fix B and really just repair the leaky A's BOP?
I THINK SO. and then CNN made a fake video of the big fix for all to see, followed by ROV's viewing well head A....all clean moving on!
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