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Message Subject Are the DOTS slowly being connected down in LA with the sink hole and BP's rupture in 2010!
Poster Handle abeliever
Post Content
You have the right to connect all the dots you want to.

I have the right to think you are a nut-case.
 Quoting: mikebo2

this was predicted back in 2010 by no less the 5 very highly respected scientists...some geologists....some specialized in oil drilling, some in the field of underground gas and oil flows, and some like Matt who spent their whole life in the oil industry all said this would happen.....
and now here come you to say they were wrong....
time to get out of the basement and read up on this!

or go back to your TV and fox news.
 Quoting: psyoptics

I remember this OP. Yes, they did suggest there would be other repercussions from that BP gulf event. Actually, I remember there were warnings. Right after those warnings, I remember a couple of fishermen committed suicide as they saw no hope for the industry in the gulf which was their livelihood. Then I remember media expressing concerns. Then all of a sudden Obama stepping in saying it will be fixed by X date. Then we heard it was fixed with a little delay, but fixed. End of warnings and media concerns.
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