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Poster Handle Desert Fox
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I need more time, still have cravings. maybe i wouldn't if I kept taking the meds, but they have bad side effects I am told.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

okay,here is an advice from me: when I was little, dad used to smoke a lot. In our small village, all the smokers stopped smoking but he was the only one who was smoking until he started to have breathing problems like you do. Then he stopped, and he was cheating(meaning pretendingthat he had quit when he smelled of smoke) like that! but the other ex-smokers in our village stopped because they used to buy mint candies, and suck them when they had a craving, so far everybody stopped smoking using that method.

Those candies are French candies and they are in mint.

I help you with this even if one time you said bad things about muslims (and it's not because I love ISLAM) but because I don't like hatred and my parents are "still" muslims even though I decided that was not the religion for me.
anyway, good luck to you and hopefully you will kick the habit
love your avatar by the way!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19429607

Thanks a lot. There must be something to the mint thing, others have mentioned mint. As for the Muslim post, I don't hate Muslims, but I do hate radicalized Muslims that cut heads off, stone young girls and such. No hard feeling toward you, and thank you for the encouragement.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

Yes mint is good, you need to buy the candies you can keep in your mouth aslong as possible. You know what I think? I think that the fact you breath in the mint through your nose (like you do when you smoke, I am picturing my dad having smoke coming from his nose) helps in relieving the craving. I heard eating an apple will help or thinking about something else but I don't agree because I gather that smoking is an HABIT more than anything else,meaning you pick up the cigarette and put it to your mouthon adaily basis etc... so that's the hard part.
Once you quit the HABIT you will be free.

Yes, about the religion discussion(I don't want to change subject but I'll answer this) I know I also have hard time about the things you are describing such as stoning etc... there are some individuals like me who have families who grew up in a muslim family where those things DO NOT HAPPEN but they are still called muslims. Some people like me are raised as muslims but when they grow up they decide for themselves (is this religion normal?why did they choose this for me?etc...). Once you change your view about religion, meaning religion is just like clothing one day you realise this doesn't suit you,then maybe you can understand that it has to do with brainwashing and the way you were raised (my parentss' parents were muslims and for me my parents are just following their footsteps).

There are members on this forum who tend to go overboard such as the one with the cartoon character and guns.I know he can be very hateful.

I feel the same pain when I read about people who criticize Christians because all in all we do not detain the truth, we are just living a so called "life". There is a fine line between discussion and hatred and myself I found myself hating and it's not a good energy. We have just to pray (any kind of positive prayer) for those who are brainwhsed and commit murder in the name of religion.

By the way, your avatar remind me of something that happened to me: one day I was sick and I saw a man,an angel (small size) with a feather in his hair, putting light around my body, he was amerindian, had a white pants with red belt. I had some kind of respiratory flu that day and felt I was leaving my body.

No hard feelings, love and keepup the good work!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19429607

Interesting. Peace to you.
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