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Congrats, OP, and stay strong !
I started smoking when I was about 12 y/o, both of my parents smoked heavily and I remember our house was always full of smoke....I quit smoking when I was 40 y/o, I actually went to a hypnotist in Tucson because the smoking was making me so sick and I really wanted to quit, and it worked !

Now for the sad part .... this past June I started coughing my head off and nothing helped, I also noticed I was getting more short of breath, just with normal walking, I had been feeling shortness of breath for years and told more than one Dr, but never as short of breath as I was in June....I went to the ER one evening and they did an X-ray and a blood gas and sent me home with prescriptions for steroids for 7 days and nebulizer treatments, no antibiotics because I didn't have a fever....

Long story short ....by the middle of July my Dr put me on Oxygen 24/7 ....still no antibiotics, said I didn't have a fever and not coughing anything up....middle of August I had to call 911, I had the oxygen on but was gasping for air and I was admitted to the hospital ....pneumonia in both lungs and emphysema in the bottom of both lungs...because I had emphysema in the bottom of my lungs instead of the upper part ( shown by CT Scan ) they did a blood test for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic condition. Turns out I have two ZZ genes, one from each parent, and cigarette smoking is something I never should have done and should not even breathe second hand smoke. Here is a link, Dr's hardly ever test for this, WHY ? All you smokers who are short of breath, please ask your Dr to test you ! I will be getting IV infusions every week for the rest of my life, which may not be very long, I didn't ask how long I have and don't want to know...

[link to alpha-1foundation.org]

[link to www.alpha-1foundation.org]

[link to www.emphysema.net]
 Quoting: Lindalee

If this is not enough to cause those that come to this thread to have serious thoughts of quitting, hardly anything will. I am on Spirva, it has helped me a lot, been on it for maybe 5 yrs. I never heard of what you posted. Interesting. Here is hoping you have many good years left, but people that have never struggled for air do not really understand what you and I know. I was having panic attacks from lack of oxygen, it is a horrible feeling and hope when my time comes it is from something besides smothering. Peace be with you all the way. I feel your pain.
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