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Now...Back to non-smoking........

OneLOVE! I need some of your expertise.

I can't seem to shake the congestion in my lungs and sinus. I've been chopping-up fresh cloves of garlic and can feel it working, literally burning through the mass. But the results are fleeting. I've slept with cut onions next to my bed (quite the love-repellant to my wife) and cut, squeeze and drink organic lemons mixed with cayanne pepper three times daily and, again, some relief albeit fleeting. I'm even drinking apple cider vinegar because someone on GLP said it was wonderful (I have no experience with Chinese, natural remedies, our family solution to all health problems is to run cold water over it).

In short, would you please bequeath me some of your expertise and recommend some natural avenues I can travel to clear the sinus congestion and the mass in my lungs (and the ever-present cough)?

Thanking you in advance, OneLOVE
 Quoting: BxMac

I can tell you what I have done...

Research: where I purchase - vitacost
Research: Things I have taken for lung congestion and coughing. Respiratonic, Sambucol (in the white box), Clear Lungs
Research: Fresh ginger tea, crush the ginger, then brew it in a pot of boiling water, research how to do it (right kind of pot to use) add lemon and honey, dries up the mucous.

I hope this helps.

You can also research lung congestion online: try 'natural healing lung congestion' and see what comes up so that you may understand more about what the congestion is, what the causes are (like eating white flour and dairy as well as the years of tar and nicotine in the tissues).

The body will seek to cleanse itself as you go along. The higher the quality of 'herbal foods' you put in it, the more likely you will have a 'healing response' where everything toxic starts coming out. You will know it is a healing response because the day before you feel grrrreat! Than kaboom the next day, coughing and you feel terrible for a few day as all the gook comes out of you. This happens in cycles and you can tell it is a healing crisis cause you feel good mentally and emotionally even though your body is feeling kinda horrible as it detoxes.

One other thing about lung congestion. In Chinese, Aryuvedic and other alternative forms of healing there is a correlation to the emotions and mental attitudes and the dis-ease (lack of ease). Lung congestion is related to suppressed 'tears' - grief. Things you have never quite resolved that brought you sadness and grief. Things you kept over your life, pushing back down rather than having a really good cry.

Coughing is usually related to anger. Not always, but often. Watch what is going on when a cough comes up in that moment. If it is more at night, what were you suppressing emotionally during the day that made you feel frustrated or angry.

Also, in the winter your room might be too dry. Try hot baths with salt and baking soda (lots) nice and steamy before bed. Then get right into bed with lots of covers.

Keeping a journal writing about these things from the past will also help 'dry up' the lungs.

The body can heal it self if we 'feed' it the right nutrients, become conscious of what our symptoms are trying to tell us and love ourselves more.

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