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Canada - Day two at work is tough. If your work allows, take a walk and buy some Cranberry juice. The juice offsets cravings by addressing the drops of blood sugar levels tethered to withdrawl. The juice really works. In addition, a walk is a great help. Move a muscle, change a thought. You can do this. You are doing this. You're 36 hours in and halfway through to the end of physical withdrawl.

And while Lennon knew a lot of things ("cold turkey got me on the run"), he didn't know you and your heart. You will do this.

If I recall correctly, you said you smoked 30 years. I relate. I smoked 40 years (like a chimney in North Jersey) and never thought I'd be able to quit. But I did. You will too. You deserve this.

When you return home this evening smoke-free, you will know a sense of self-esteem and freedom not known to you for 30 years related to the smokes. You will feel ten foot tall and bullet proof. Because you went thought the shit and didn't pick-up a smoke. You can do this.

Come to the thread throughout the day so you know you're not alone. We're all pulling for you.

Even if your ass falls off today, don't pick-up a smoke.

You can do this. You are doing this.

Pulling for you.
 Quoting: BxMac

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I do not want to smoke, will try cranberry juice tonight, nowhere around work to get it.

the only thing keeping me going is the whole slave thing.
Admitting I have been a slave not a rebel is huge for me.

I will not smoke, i will not give in to the cravings.
Trying to ride the crave wave and land on the other side of it intact with no ciggie in my mouth.

Day 2 is harder than day 1.
I just want to be free.

Sorry if it seems I am rambling, I think not smoking has impaired my thinking.
I almost feel drunk , my head is fuzzy, no concentration.

How long till the nicotine leaves my body?

I can do this, your help and support means more than you know.

Thanks for listening.

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