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Syrian soldiers take shelter in Turkey as they escaped from opposition

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10/12/2012 11:10 PM
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Syrian soldiers take shelter in Turkey as they escaped from opposition
Ten Syrian soldiers took shelter in Turkey after escaping a deadly ambush orchestrated by a group of opposition fighters near the Turkish-Syrian border on Friday evening amid escalating clashes between the Syrian army and opposition forces across the border.

Opposition fighters set an ambush for Syrian troops at a point near the border.

Facing the risk of being captured by Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, 10 Syrian soldiers crossed the border and surrendered to Turkish security forces. Turkish medical staff have provided care to the injured Syrian soldiers.

There has been intense fighting between rebels and Syrian government forces this week in Azmarin and neighboring towns, an area strongly opposed to President Bashar al-Assad's rule.

Shells fired on the town from surrounding hills sent thick plumes of smoke and dust rising into the air during fighting on Thursday and a voice amplified through loudspeakers, audible from the village of Hacıpaşa in Turkey's Hatay province, called on rebel fighters to surrender, warning of an air assault.

The clashes continued on Friday.

On Friday evening 10 Syrian soldiers were cornered into a point on the Turkish border. Faced with the risk of being killed at the hands of opposition fighters, the soldiers headed to Turkey in search of shelter.

Sources say the soldiers will be sent back to Syria from a point safe to them.

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