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Message Subject JUST-IN: Assad Begins Large-Scale Usage of Russian-Made Cluster Bombs on Civilians! Being Dropped Very-Close to Schools
Poster Handle DoorBert
Post Content
What are your thoughts?
 Quoting: DoorBert

I personally think that they have a very well crafted plan in place ! The US-Israel joint exercise ties into this perfectly !

If they stage some sort of a false flag using chemical weapons while US soldiers are in Israel I think they will have the perfect excuse to unleash the dog (Turkey) on Syria while Israel and US attack Iran !

Obama is starting to lose ground in the pools and I think he'll do anything it takes to remain in power.

Anyway, whatever they'll do, I get the feeling it will be a very coordinated and very well synchronized attack !
 Quoting: subzero86

US troops also in Jordan specifically to deal with Chemical Weapons.

Assad won't last more than a week with 3 fronts.

Turkey from north, Israel from Golan, and US from Jordan.
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