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Message Subject JUST-IN: Assad Begins Large-Scale Usage of Russian-Made Cluster Bombs on Civilians! Being Dropped Very-Close to Schools
Poster Handle Atpharael
Post Content
" I don't think he'll last 2 days against a full assault from 3 sides !"

Logistics says otherwise. One cannot move hundreds of thousands of men over an area of, at least, 100,000km2 in 2 days.

Not to mention he will lose control of the skies in the first day of the attack and from there on it's pretty much over !"

He has never been interested in maintaining his skies with his Airforce, which is why he bought the S-300 and Pantsir systems. They would do well in fending off any aerial raid.
 Quoting: Alex David

Actualy they did the job very well. Remember the Phantom jet?? Well it was an F16 destroyed and another one hit, not that old jet phantom. But how on earth the mighty turkish army(second bigest NATO army) can admit they lost 2 F16??

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