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What if we could upgrade the Internet as fast as the equipment it connects

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United States
10/13/2012 08:25 AM
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What if we could upgrade the Internet as fast as the equipment it connects
We invented the Internet here in the U.S., but other countries have long since improved on our work. We’re 13th worldwide in average connection speed, and we usually pay more to access those slower connections. In some parts of the country, a world-class connection is unavailable at any price.

Our system lags in part because it’s physically bound to its own long history. A century ago, for instance, it made sense to route telegraph and phone lines alongside train tracks, where someone had already negotiated right-of-way, but that means 21st-century data packets now run through networks optimized for 19th-century railroads. No wonder Latvia, South Korea, and others are pulling ahead: They’re building from scratch.

Several recent experiments are showing how we could start over with a new system ourselves—one that’s not just faster, cheaper, and more accessible, but also far less likely to become outmoded.

read more here: [link to www.popsci.com]