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Message Subject New Tepco admission “contradicts everything the company has maintained so far”
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
WB hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25430863

Thanks.. chuckle

I think I am almost universally hated because I refuse
to let this be swept under the carpet...
No one likes to be reminded that the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster is ongoing...
and will continue long after all of us here now are dead and gone..

It is too much for little minds to contemplate.

A few of the radio-isotopes.
Something to chew on....
Multiply half-life by factor of ten for lifespan.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

For introduction of radionuclides into organism, ingestion is the most important route. Insoluble compounds are not absorbed from the gut and cause only local irradiation before they are excreted. Soluble forms however show wide range of absorption percentages.[19]

Isotope Radiation..... Half-life....GI absorption

Strontium-90/yttrium-90...28 years... 30%
Caesium-137 ...30 years ... 100%
Promethium-147 ... 2.6 years .. 0.01%
Cerium-144 ...285 days ... 0.01%
Ruthenium-106/rhodium-106...1.0 years . 0.03%
Zirconium-95 ...65 days.. 0.01%
Strontium-89 ...51 days .. 30%
Ruthenium-103 ....39.7 days.. 0.03%
Niobium-95 ...35 days .. 0.01%
Cerium-141 ....33 days.. 0.01%
Barium-140/lanthanum-140 ..12.8 days.. 5%
Iodine-131 ...8.05 days.. 100%
Tritium ... 13 years.. 100% tritiated water can absorb through skin
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