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Message Subject New Tepco admission “contradicts everything the company has maintained so far”
Poster Handle the mighty Atom
Post Content
@ Buggy-Chan,
and you are a Man without a Spine!

I do not Lie, there is no reason for a Lie,
also it would be stupid because Numbers
have a own Language!

By this Numbers we know well what is
happening inside of the Containment,
we know also the Process from the
Days after 03/11, we know that the
Pools do not exploded and not burned!

Etc, etc.!

It is you who made many People sick and
sad, your Interpretations was wrong since
i arrived here, you do not even understand
the basics and you have absolute no knowledge
about the Reactor Technology but you always
need to talk, even when you know nothing!

In a way you are worse than this other Oz-Guy,
when People read his Postings they know
that he is a Lunatic but you spiced up your
Postings with Pseudo-Science and People
take you serious, even i thought in the
first Months that you do your Homework
but this is not true!
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