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Message Subject Korea - More saber rattling b.s. or an ominous sign of impending war?
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content
I enjoyed that read and it is madness the state of the current global situation that we are all in; not many people seem to comprehend that actual atmosphere and danger that we are all actually in, I'm not a loon who plays with tin foil hats but what you have put forward is one of the best reads I personally have had on this site in a long time . . . one thing I have noticed on here is when people put feeds they seem to be excitable over the thought of a massive war of which human would never be the same, from what people have put it seems as if they play games on PS3 or X-box and they think that is what war is the way I see things is that when it does kick of I would be surprised if I was sent to battle for long if at all I could only see it coming down to having to fight my next door neighbour friends ordinary people (if we haven't been vaporised) just for a peace of food or some clean water clothing the bear essentials some people may say that what I'm saying is crap but I can only put across my view and what I hope never happens.

Take care when the time comes.
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